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VIDEO- John Markus on "BBQ Pitmasters On TV" (1hr:05m)

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    VIDEO- John Markus on "BBQ Pitmasters On TV" (1hr:05m)

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    John Markus is an Emmy award winning writer and producer and barbecue competitor with a Jambo stick burner. He, more than anyone, has popularized competition barbecue among the masses with his TV productions. In 2013 the Kansas City Barbeque Society gave him a PhB, its highest honor.

    It all started with a partnership with Chris Lilly (see my interview with him here) and a 13 part competition broadcast called the "All Star BBQ Showdown" in 2006. It morphed into nine episodes of "The National BBQ Championship" and finally emerged as "BBQ Pitmasters", the popular and controversial competition series that continues today on Destination America.

    At air time he was putting the finishing touches on "The Kings of BBQ Barbecue Kuwait", a documentary film chronicling the mission of cooking barbecue for our troops stationed in The Mideast (no pork). It will premier in late summer 2015.

    Markus wrote or co-wrote 67 episodes of "The Cosby Show", earning an Emmy, a Peabody, back-to-back Humanitas prizes, and a People's Choice award for "The Greatest Sitcom of All Time". He next co-created the Cosby spin-off "A Different World", which ran for six seasons on NBC. He has also written or produced for Al Franken, Michael Keaton, Jim Belushi, Garry Shandling, Ellen, Earl Wilson, and more.

    His play, co-written with Mark St. Germain, called "The Fabulous Lipitones", debuted at Theatrical Outfit in Atlanta in Spring of 2013 and is being produced in theatres across the nation. It is the story of a barbershop quartet that loses its lead singer to a strenuously high B-flat.

    In our Seminar a surprisingly candid Markus shares behind the scenes looks, the inside scoop on some of the competitors (there is no love lost between him and Myron Mixon), some dirt on the judges, insight into "reality" TV and how it works, and why he thinks "we are in the final chapters of BBQ on TV".

    He also talks briefly about The Cosby Show, and about how a friend's awful ribs set him on the path to becoming a BBQ expert, competitor, and TV producer.

    PBR Professional Bull Riders
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    • RedFarr
      RedFarr commented
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      Pabst Blue Ribbon since 1844,long before anyone rode the bull

    Originally posted by Pit Boss View Post
    Markus wrote or co-wrote 67 episodes of "The Cosby Show",
    Did he write the one where Cliff was bbqing in the snow in January?


    • Meathead
      Meathead commented
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      I'll ask.

    • Meathead
      Meathead commented
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      He said "Yes, I wrote that one. But interestingly, it was a decade before I dove headlong into my Q saga. Hmm, could be the missing link..."

    • mhalbrook
      mhalbrook commented
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      That's one of the episodes I've always remembered when I think of the show.. Keep hoping for snow on my son's Birthday in Jan so I can Q in the snow, but it never happens when I can seems lol

    That is an impressive resume - wow...


      Thanks Meathead. Nice interview.


        That was fun!


          Very nice!

          I think the best final cook off was when they had to cook a whole hog on cinderblock pits. That was truly a level playing field. I've never done a whole hog, but that is something I'd like to try with any of my cohorts here.


            boftx We need to try to get some Face To Face gatherings going.


            • boftx
              boftx commented
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              I would think there has to be a way to hold one here in Las Vegas. Cinderblocks can't be that expensive, and if one stays at a hotel off the strip one can find rooms as low as $25/night during the week. There is a great butcher shop here to get meat from as well (and they deliver!).

              Heck, if there were only 10 or fewer people participating we might be able to hold it in the butcher shop's parking lot.

              The thought crossed my mind some time ago that you might be able to swing a sponsorship with Weber with the grills supplied by them being donated to a suitable charity afterwards.

            Very entertaining episode. Thank you Meathead. But I had to comment to my girlfriend that I didn't know what was more of a distraction: the comically misplaced Emmy on the bar-top behind John, or the 8th grade-esq 4-color click pen in Meathead's shirt pocket. Damn fine hour though


              Markus did in fact comically place and position the Emmy, at my request. We had a few good laffs about it before the tape rolled. Fortunately I made him shut the door to his laundry room behind him. And that 4 color pen has been in my pocket for perhaps 50 years. I started carrying it when I took editing classes in Journalism school. People who know me always ask if they don't see it. There's also a little notebook in that pocket. Smartphone hasn't replaced that either.


                Love John in Aaron Franklin's PBS BBQwithFranklin series!


                  Just finished watching the video. Markus and Meathead are very entertaining, but also represent a wealth of knowledge when it comes to food in television.


                    Dang right there is a Huge Audience for Bass Fishin' ! It's a passion just like BBQ.

                    I really enjoyed this one. Thanks!



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