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A4 Summit Platinum - What’s should I ask for it?

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    A4 Summit Platinum - What’s should I ask for it?

    I wasn’t sure if I should put this here or in the sale thread because it is indeed for sale but really I’m looking for advice so feel free to move it if needed.

    I’ve got my father in-law’s gasser with the task of selling it, a 2005 A4 Weber Summit Platinum. It’s in pretty decent shape all things considered but given its age I can’t really find anything comparable to determine how much I should be asking for it. So I humbly reach out to the Pitmaster brain trust. And no, keeping it isn’t an option. As nice as it is I have no room for it and I’m not really a gasser guy.😬

    Click image for larger version

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    The vertical streaks you see on the front are reflections by the way, not defects. I got it here and started taking the innards out to see what I was dealing with. She was diiirrrtyyy.... so I got to work with my little plastic scraper that’s sold by Lodge for their pans but it was a two pack so one became the dedicated grill gunk scraper which it does a great job at.

    Click image for larger version

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    The pic above was taken after this cleaning and all-burners-on-high burn off. I am thinking the surface rust is no big deal or at least will come off easily? Those grates are solid and heavy. Anyways after taking the grates off I got to the the flavorizer bars, a section of 5 on the left and a section of 4 on the right. The angled bar that connected the 5 bar section had rusted through so now it’s a 2-3-4 section set. Honestly it’s not something that I think would get moved around too much so no big deal really, atleast not worth replacing given what I saw Weber was asking for a replacement set. (Who else always uses the left side of the grill/griddle as the hot side and the right as the indirect side? I do, every time. This would explain the rust through. I should switch it up now and then.)

    Click image for larger version

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    After removing the bars I got to the burners. As you would imagine they were rusty too but still functional although the crossover tubes are shot. This didn’t seem to actually prevent crossover ignition as you can just turn the adjacent burner on, shut the lid and enough gas builds up to ignite it. I’m pretty sure that’s a recommended procedure in the user manual somewhere 👍.

    Click image for larger version

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    I scraped it all out as best I could and shoved it all down the trough. That’s when I discovered the trough is removable from underneath. Again, I’m not a gas guy so this was news to me. Either way the trough appears to be enamel/porcelain coated and after cleaning the gunk off I realized it was in really good condition. Makes sense as it doesn’t really get any abuse.

    Again I scraped it all out, replaced the flavorizer bars and lit it up. Once good and hot I took a wire brush to them then put the grates in and gave them the same treatment. I should add that the igniter works, kind of. I’m thinking it’s because the little igniter boxes where the spark is made is all rusted. Instead of the constant clicking you’ll get one sporadic spark... just enough to get it lit.

    So there you have it. Aside from some cosmetic fading and replaceable parts that could use replacing, the body and frame of the grill are in good structural condition and probably will be for some time. As far as the replaceable part are concerned we have the following:
    Flavorizer bars are now 3 sections as opposed to two (maybe this is a new feature??? 🤔)
    Crossover tubes are shot and should be replaced but can/does work without it.
    One of the magnets on a door below doesn’t seem to be as strong as it should be so if you’re uneven it might creep open
    Something in the ignition system could use replacing but I’m not sure what.

    In my perfect world I sell this as is, end of transaction. I’m reluctant to think that any money I spend in replacement parts will increase the value more than proportionately but if I’m wrong I’ll absolutely do it.
    A few questions:
    1) I’d rather not dump any money into this but would you suggest fixing some or all of the issues above before posting?
    2) Depending on what, if anything, gets fixed by me what is a fair asking price?

    I don’t have room for this in summer when all of the deck furniture is out but it’s all packed away for winter now so the real estate this grill takes up isn’t a problem yet. I say that because I could hold onto it (maybe even use it) until early spring when it’s a better time to sell.

    Thanks for reading through the novel and I appreciate the feedback.
    Cheers! 🥃

    Not sure on price, but Weber ignition only clicks once. So yours sounds like it is working the way it should.


      replace some parts, and keep in Truckin! or BBQ'ing
      If you got to sell it good lo luck. I wish you the best.
      Should have it in working condition to demo for would be buyers. just my opinion.
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        $200 as-is, $200 + parts + $50 if you decide to fix it.


          I agree with Mosca on the price analysis.

          The construction of this is pretty much the same as my made-in-the-USA 2002 Genesis Silver A, except the Genesis ran the burner left to right back in those days, with the crossover tubes running front to back.

          It appears to me that there are 2 piezo ignitors, just like on the Gensis, one next to each group of 2 burners, and 2 short crossover tubes. The piezo ignition is just a click once - press it each time you want a spark. No battery needed. That angled bar that is rusted out, that runs under the flavorizer bars, is just there to cover and protect the crossover tubes. You don't want drippings on those, as it can clog up the holes. That said, the Genesis does NOT have a cover - I just rotate the crossover tube so that the holes are to the side, and not facing up. This helps keep them clear.

          All in all, the grill is not in super bad shape, aside from the crossover tubes. It will make a good grill for anyone who wants to put $50 to $100 into new parts, to make it like new. I basically rebuilt my 2002 Genesis a couple of years ago, and bought a full replacement set of Grillgrates, making it effectively a brand new grill, for a lot less than buying one. Now it lives in my daughter's back yard, and I've moved on to a 4 burner Genesis II.

          Grillparts.com has the crossover tubes:


          Along with many other parts for that grill, should you decide to fix it. If not, sell it with full disclosure, and give the buyer a link to grillparts.com.

          A full burner and crossover set is only $56:



            Thanks everyone. I've got some contemplating to do


              $50. It needs to be rebuilt. Personally, if you did not keep it yourself, I'd give it away.


              • Andrrr
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                Mosca kind of what I was thinking. $400 for the grill and $400 in replacement parts gives you an all SS gas grill that will last a long time. Even if you buy this one as is for $400 and invest another $400 in new SS parts, where else are you going to get a comparable all SS grill for $800?
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              • Mosca
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                What you say is true, but anyone who would pay $800 for a used grill would pay less for a new one first. Or step up and buy the new one. $200 is the max, unless the work is done. Then $350. (The new burner and crossover set and flavorizer bars, plus $50.)

              • Andrrr
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                True. Thanks for the help


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