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Flavorizer bar replacement?

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    Flavorizer bar replacement?

    Has anybody tried the third party flavorizer bars out there? Any benefit to porcelain coated vs traditional SS? And thoughts on sticking with official Weber bars?

    also, do the heat reflectors need to be replaced at the same time as the flavorizer?

    I would stronly recommend stainless as lasting much longer. In the case of Weber there's usually a version of the grill that came with stainless flavorizers and grates, so you generally have the option of getting stainless replacements. Not cheap, but the rusty ones really block the heat, so it is a worthwhile investment if the grill is otherwise in good shape.




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      Weber's current warranty for flavorizer bars is 10 years.


        Stainless for sure.


          Stainless for sure lasts longer than the porcelain coated steel. And 3rd party is fine. My 2002 Genesis Silver A, now at my daughter's house, is still running some stainless flavorizer bar replacements that my dad had one of the guys in his shop make maybe 15 years ago. I had 2 sets of them, and the last set is in there now. I tried to move them around every time I deep cleaned the grill, so that the same ones were not over the burners all the time, since those are the ones most prone to burn through.


            I hate porcelain coated anything, stainless for sure, not that much more. That said, I’ve had the original bars on my Summit for the last 5 or so years. They’re totally rusty, dirty and whatnot but no where near failing. I just heat them up to glowing every once in a while and wire brush them off. Good as new, well you know what I mean.


            • RolfTaylor
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              Indeed it's good to get them clean as the rust and other debris noticeably blocks the heat IMHO. I rotate mine to the hot spots to help them get dirty evenly, but giving them a good scour or brush is good periodic maintenance.

            My first ever Weber, a Spirit, I went through 2 sets of the porcelain coated flavorizer bars and a 1 set of the grates with a few years all because I was too cheap to replace the Weber grill cover that died in less than 2 years. Finally bought SS flavorizer bars and Grill Grates and a new cover that helped keep that grill going strong.


              I had a buddy of mine make me a set out of 3/32 SS and they have been going great for the past 9 years on my old Weber.


                Thank you for the tip on stainless!
                I am on my 2nd set of porcelain flavorizor bars for my. antique 2008 Gen. with the wrong-way burners.
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                  My buddy had some stainless ones fabricated for his grill after burning through many sets of replacements. He said he never had to buy anymore I'm guessing they were nice and thick.



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