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Genesis II built in

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    Genesis II built in

    I have a Genesis II LX and was wondering if anyone has converted this grill from a cart grill to a built in? We've recently redone our deck/patio area and I'd like to create an outdoor kitchen that's a little more dressed up than a bunch of grills on a deck. I've done some browsing on the web to find information but couldn't find anything. I figured I'd come here before I spent hours digging on the web. Thanks in advance.

    You could just build in a break in your counters to accommodate the grill and leave it freestanding. That what I had done with the Weber Spirit. Later I did replace it with a Blaze built-in.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	OlHKBP5QHOHsyQAH6YLGTdzhagKSRZU70bWv5-Q56LF7E8YzFzFqBPa8nY8bh3IQbtEEci--H0FqOrE5tkH9Skrjagv2I1SHyzYbLOYtw8wbEIo41zIcvsbUare715SR2HcrJeDOh5wO4RXxCHk_PVDVDARplLzVpx5AIsliaXDgx56pWS5mPk-pciDE-0vFGnimoYT7BEikaqVuZmZatezn-swPjHFcJYjzg2sE0P-VLdbzxo80AQ3GyxTYtsd
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ID:	1029775

    Click image for larger version

Name:	E6JKeBJd1EBIJaBaJqJ7oUPtN4CCdgLFddMN69VLGWYpj9KKPdJQT4rl2CLlzZ_Y7Oniu-zOdR-wfOuVthsOrMujELfc7es-2RGT-DBgRYX7nrQdm4j7vSrFQ0O9CvqgMEBinHkBa0JC0QD48zCx2MqU3QfDh702fZd3cMDwcU4WoJ_LDBYewNcnzhSR9KhnlPMm4wvxJgsjxB68yixxWunG1wEA4rkpb6V50XhETKw7n2RQsRASxNJsV_u2oAF
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Name:	_PQfv0oUZ_gcjl8YwNB968vEll3OiUO6YpLmO32dwDZf4J_Tm2LSXMJEfE6XfHtDFM9T3vzhmruR21JtUwPPxyjU2SRKp605BDORqbP7qBGUZes2yVT9QARThDUkdLd2WxdaM7uAWq5-i_jwl_y9IVKSuq6wJ1AFUNjK11heTgaxBNXzG6CXJ25lbScznR_soeJJ6c3QRHgrCjoZ7T6fkIvnyrXlcS5LmSHfT8CZewfk185YQRKjhXqTh4-cqRE
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Name:	GWNhbD0sxiS-4lR1WA0fhjjGa84D5GbKq5NkBLim5Rk5sqnLGvHQh81qvJPz5gCJTpgo7M7bjfij-JtaqAEVwx4lVdoXJOA1bMQetMDuArm0HG6nA9gZv3rwUwoaV9MogB9aZE0lpPG-lbR8LRSbkq3KXrPSuYANEghfzAYhSaR5H6umW9qjh32vaFio99RG5i3BnimeK44BnRfLQOZ_3MFGBslWGdH-3Bsu4aa7udqvIBZ5X9BhTsIm9j0rigS
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Name:	rGOF6QtJk2yZ7VccoHab_RjMab3ZKmRzPUkVAHfdWPDntOqXkYU4mloOT-w4lyEBAOyAL0x8y_zcdFm81OVdrBDFvqPAPY8yK8ez2y5I1NHfkXTrlQ_z8zbtLk-rW83ZeOxfZ9Q5Dfb8f5E7RUCi8xMoeo-BpRBphpO0Dos7_BJS7rIBUcxy7iLagoTrUkiFgLHoc_5rdEiysWiDZFRf3sVX18HHEERQT2pDvnhb89gVn43UXeFnFtax9WHlZD3
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    • HawkerXP
      HawkerXP commented
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      I like the rotisserie setup.

    • Attjack
      Attjack commented
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      HawkerXP Sure the Blaze is better, but I agree the rotisserie was pretty cool on this old setup.

    • DrJimmy2112
      DrJimmy2112 commented
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      Most impressive!

    Illini let me Google that for you!

    Here is a Youtube video where a guy included a Genesis II 3 burner model in an outdoor kitchen build:


    He did it by leaving the LEGS on, and removing parts of the cart. You can see that around 6:20 into the video. I never would have thought of doing it that way, but it does provide a support for the body of the grill. I personally would have put doors to access storage below that grill, but he planks over it with solid wood.
    Last edited by jfmorris; May 10, 2021, 01:19 PM.


    • Attjack
      Attjack commented
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      If and when I build-in my Primo XL I may build in the sturdy metal cart it's on now. But sometimes I think I should try to sell the cart instead 🤔


    @Attjack...Did you have issues with the wood getting hot? That's one thing I'm worried about.

    @jfmorris....I honestly have no idea how I didn't see that. Apparently, my Google skills aren't what they used to be or....it was the bourbon.

    I like the idea of leaving the legs on but I'll have to look closer on how to mount with the side burner.


      Originally posted by Illini View Post
      I like the idea of leaving the legs on but I'll have to look closer on how to mount with the side burner.
      Hmmm. Since I assume you have no issues with permanent alterations to the grill body, if the side burner mounts JUST to the stainless top surface of the side table on the Genesis II - mine has no side burner to check this - maybe you just use a metal cutting blade to cut the side table down to a rectangle that can then be mounted in the table top to the side of the grill?

      Or better yet, detach the side table with the side burner, and somehow mount it up against the inside of a cutout in the counter top, so that the stainless top surface is exposed inside a rectangular opening that JUST overlaps the edges of the side table. You could probably frame it in with some lumber from the bottom side to hold it in place, and then caulk around the junction of the metal and countertop material to seal it from the top side, to prevent spills from going underneath. I can picture MAYBE needing an extension on the gas hose, depending on how much slack there is in it.


        I'm with Attjack ... just make a "parking space" that has plenty of room for you to roll in your Genesis ... or maybe a future larger grill of your dreams ... with adequate room all around to minimize radient heat concerns.

        Edit: And you might give some thought to your choice of materials for the grill insert space. Maybe wood isn't necessarily the best thing for the aforementioned radiant heat to encounter?
        Last edited by MBMorgan; May 12, 2021, 11:21 AM.



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