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Adapt IR grill for Pizza ?

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    Adapt IR grill for Pizza ?

    I've been looking at mini ceramic infrared grills to use in conjunction with my Traeger pellet grill, for searing.

    These IR grills supposedly get up to a range of 800-1000F, which also happens to be the range that is best for cooking pizza.

    The specialized pizza ovens I see have an opening in the front, which makes sense because if you had to open a lid, you would lose a lot of the heat, right ?

    So I was thinking it would be great if there were an IR grill that somehow could have an accessory lid with an opening in the front so it could be used for pizza. I'm imagining using a pizza stone for the pizza to cook on because obviously grill wouldn't support the soft crust very well.

    To illustrate, here is a pic of one of those "portable" Ooni pizza ovens:

    I might be misunderstanding the physics of the hot IR grills. They are always talking about how the heat is radiant and transmits directly to the food. Does an oven typically use "convection" type heating?

    Then there's this thing. It purports to turn a grill in to a pizza oven but I am not sure I am convinced. First of all, I don't necessarily trust the built-in thermometer, and there's no indication of what temps can be achieved or why or how.

    The Traeger max setting is 500F, and it tends to run 20F cold in the 200-300F range, so I don't see how this thing is going to make a not-hot-enough oven hot enough. That's why I was thinking ceramic IR.

    Apparently several companies have thought of this, here is one designed for Green Mountain pellet grills:

    I think I better quit here before my head explodes, there are more of these products than you can shake a stick at. Question is do any of them work worth a tinker's dam ?

    Bumping this in case anyone feels like doing some Saturday morning brainstorming.


      AR gave one if those gas grill inserts high marks.


        I could see the last product working well. Assuming the bottom portion is intended to take the heat from the hopper directly into the "oven"

        What exactly do you mean by ceramic IR? When you say ceramic IR I think of a ceramic plate with holes that gas (propane or natural gas) is diffused through creating an even heating surface with minimal flare ups.
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          I'll post some links for IR and ceramic IR. They get temps 800F+.

          The regular ones are like Charbroil's line of IR grills. They have a metal diffuser thing with peaks and valleys and I think holes in them too.

          The ceramic ones, I am not sure how to describe it but maybe some pics will help if you check out the links.

          I don't know how or why these things get so much hotter than a regular gas grill. I considered the x200 model but the used one I got had a bad regulator and I sent it back. They are in the range of $125-185.

          Then here's what the ceramic heating component/burners look like, this is a big commercial one, the little one I'm looking at is ~$400.


          Here's the one I've been considering, but it is a bit of money just to use as a searing machine.

          The Solaire Anywhere Portable Infrared Gas Grill can go - anywhere! Comes with a convenient carrying bag! Push button electronic ignition! Free shipping!
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            I have the X200. Back when I got mine nearly five years ago they called it the Grill2Go. It's a real searing machine. It has two temperature ranges. Blazing Hot, and REALLY Blazing hot. The temp regulator knob does little. I have it on a cart with an adaptor hose and 20lb tank. I love it and use it very often for quick cooks like burgers, brats, even chicken thighs addition to searing. With a little bit of practice you can grill just about anything in the hot and fast category.
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              Thanks for that input, I'll give it another look. I already bought that aftermarket needle valve to more finely regulate the heat.

              But yeah, I want it for the searing !!!

              Haha hijacking my own thread here!



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