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Low Pressure Issues/Instructions for Resetting LP Regulator

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  • RolfTaylor
    Interesting and looks like good info. You title kind of scared me. I took a training course from Weber and they are very wary about unauthorized adjustment. But this makes a lot of sense. If nothing else it would "excercise" the diaphragm and other parts inside the regulator.

    Definitely something to try before replacing it. Thanks for sharing.

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  • fracmeister
    While some of this is specific to one manufacturer, the "resetting the regulator" is good to know.

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  • Low Pressure Issues/Instructions for Resetting LP Regulator

    Just thought this would be helpful to have it out there.

    Low Pressure Issues/Instructions for Resetting

    LP Regulator____________

    *Are you experiencing low pressure going through the overall unit?
    *First burner lights fine, as soon as the second or third one comes on, the flame dies down?
    *Flames are fluttering mixture of blue or yellow
    *Is the unit is not getting up to temperature, is only reaching around 250-300 Degrees?

    -If you show any of the above characteristics occurring to your unit this might be a result of a Regulator Issue or Main Burner Issue. These following are step by step instructions as to how to Reset the Regulator and inspect the Main Burners.
    • Check all Main Burners for Rusting/Corrosion/Clogged Portal Holes.
    -Remove Main Burners, 17” Burners/ U-Shaped (Two screws on the back of each burner), Bar Burners (Cotter pin underneath each burner)
    Cleaning Instruction for Main Burners: clean the exterior of the burners with a wire brush. Use a Metal Scraper for stubborn stains or debris. If main burners need to be replaced please call out outsourcing parts department located in CT, Parts Department Phone Number: (866) 601-5799, please have your model number and serial number on hand, as they do not have direct access to Technical Support Records.
    • Resetting the Regulator (Includes Metal Bezel and 19” Hose)
      1. Shut of the Units gas valves, Shut of the tank
      2. Disconnect the regulator from the tank
      3. Once regulator is disconnected turn the gas tank completely ON, with nothing connected to it. Gas will not Leak from the tank (There is safety valves on all tanks by law)-If it does leak gas you have a defective tank and it needs to be replaced immediately.
      4. Reconnect the regulator with the gas tank still on. This step purges the LP Regulator allowing for any air bubbles circulate through. (This step can be processed up to three times; no more than three it can cause more damage to the unit)..
      5. Turn the unit on as normal; Pre-Heat the grill for 10-15 Minutes with the main lid down and all main burners on HIGH.

    -Grill should be reaching 500-550 degrees after Pre-Heating, if you are still having the same low pressure issues, you will need to replace the Regulator and possibly the Main Burners if they are extremely rusted or courted.


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