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Help! Want a new gasser.

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  • surfdog
    commented on 's reply
    So I’m not the only nut that creates a spreadsheet for buying decisions.
    Good to know. LOL

    If I decide to replace my Weber...the Napoleon is currently the top contender.

  • SussexGriller
    I have also been going through this process. I got stuck on phantom vs prestige pro 500, because I thought the cast SS grates were something super special. Having read a lot on this site now, I can see that if anything they are a net negative, because they reduce the surface area of radiant heat exposed to the food, because they are so thick.

    I made this slightly crackers spreadsheet to help me decide. I went for the p pro 500 in the end.

    I think the build, the interior lights and the grates are all fantastic.

    Priority Phantom Prestige 500 Prestige Pro 500
    1 1 1 0.5 = 3.5 1 1 1 1 1 = 5
    Grates 2 1 Cast stainless 1 9.5mm SS 1
    Under lid lights 1 2 No Yes 1
    Colour Black 0.5 Silver 1
    Design 1 Overall nicer design 1 Afterthought chrome
    No wires Wires - tripping?
    Nicer thermometer Less nice thermometer
    Material 1 440 SS 304 SS 1
    Warranty 1 Lifetime, but 2 years for the matt blk finish Lifetime 1
    Warming rack SS SS
    IR side burner Yes Yes
    Cast alu tub Yes Yes
    Cover included (£80) Yes Yes
    Price 1 2350 1 £2,500.00
    Save 150

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  • Thunder77
    I would say Napoleons are a top contender. I personally would also look at the higher end Broil King grills. I have a Broil King Baron 5 burner, and I love it. Their high end grills are pretty good.

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  • GolfGeezer
    commented on 's reply
    lirong I think you've highlighted the main differences. The better cabinet with slide-out propane tank holder and built-in shelves were big pluses for me (being tall and old). The sear burner does come with an SS grate versus cast iron. I like the interior lights even though I have patio lighting. Needing power for that was not an issue for me as I have a MAK pellet pooper, so already powered up in that area. Since I have a smoker, I don't use the Napoleon for smoking. Hope that helps.

  • lirong
    This thread is really helpful. I am also considering a new gas grill, and am leaning heavily towards the Napoleons. My current Weber is a 500 sq in cook area, and while its sufficient, I am thinking to maybe go up to 665. More flexibility for cooking multiple things, and I like to use my gas grill for light smoking (I know, I know...but it works for me!) and having some more space gives more versatility on where to put the smoker box and how much meat I can get in there. I am usually cooking for like 4-6 people so 500 can manage, but feels like it cant hurt to have a little more space if I am buying something new anyway?

    Trying to decide between the Prestige RSIB and the Pro. Money isnt really the issue for me if its worth it, but Im not sure that the Pro upgrades matter a whole lot to me. From what I understand they are mainly:
    - interior lighting (which requires power); would be nice but I would need to run power to the grill so maybe a cheapo attached lighting solution will suffice
    - integrated smoker tube and burner - this sounds nice as I do like to cook things on low and get some smokiness. Compared to just using smoke boxes, does anyone have experience with how well this works?
    - better cabinet - would be helpful
    - I think both come with stainless grates in the main, but the Pro comes with stainless on the sear burner as well?

    Would love any thoughts on my grill size selection or why I should splurge on the Pro?

    Thanks guys!

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  • surfdog
    commented on 's reply
    My 2005 Summit has the back burner...very nice feature IMO.

    Interior lights wouldn’t be a game changer for me, I’ve installed outdoor lighting pretty much everywhere that I might regularly cook. Everywhere I’ve lived, my parents house, several friends homes, my GFs house... LOL

    The sear station is the one thing I don’t have on mine...but I do have a side burner. That combined with a CI pan can overcome that. Still, a dedicated burner or two wouldn’t be a bad thing.

  • surfdog
    commented on 's reply
    I agree...
    Check the warranty that’s offered.

    I believe the Summit now has a 10-year warranty. OTOH, my 2005 Summit has a “Limited Lifetime” warranty. The only thing I’ve replaced is 1 caster that refused to lock.

    Beyond that, it’s performed as new since 2005.

    But...the SS is certainly different on the new ones, and the, eh...pretty much everything has changed. And I’m not sure for the better. (Better for their bottom line perhaps, but perhaps not the end user.)
    Last edited by surfdog; May 31, 2021, 10:45 AM.

  • Redwng
    I have had a Weber gasser for nine years and it does it's job pretty well. The three things on the Napoleon Prestige Pro I really like is how hot the sear station can get (1700-1800 degrees), the lights around the controls and I really like that it has two interior lights. I do a lot of cooks in the winter and while my converted desk lamp does work something internal would be preferred. Having a rotisserie with a back burner included doesn't hurt my feelings either.

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  • GolfGeezer
    commented on 's reply
    If you r main concern is durability, look at the warranties for each. I know Napoleon's warranty will cover the timeframes you mention, and more. I am pretty sure Weber's warranty is similar. Blaze has a lifetime warranty. Pay attention to the warranty for the body and hood versus the warranty for burners, grates, ignitors. They are usually different, and with your concern about weather, knowing what they will cover is important.

  • SkibumJH
    Morning. Curious if you made a choice on which way to go? I'm working through a similar dilemma but my mind keeps going back, adding the mhp whrp (or as my girl calls it, alphabet soup) into the mix. one of my main concerns is durability. It will sit out on my Vermont deck in -20 temps with 4' of snow for a good part of the year. Will a Napoleon or Weber, Blaze, or MHP hold up to that? For how long? Can I get 10 years from an mhp but only 5 from one of them others? Have two old roommates and close grilling buddies who both recently went with a Weber Genesis. They rave about it. I don't like how it looks. The Napoleon Phantom has some good looks and features but words of wisdom from my Grandfather ring through my head, "more gadgets, more there is to break." Blaze is an intriguing option especially with bbq guys free side IR burner at moment, not sure how I feel about the full stainless look. I do really like the look of the MHP. I think I haven't yet pulled the trigger because of the seaming lack of availability and recent marketing. Only MHP videos I can find seem to be from the 90's. Can't help but wonder if im distracted by the shiny object of the matte black phantom, or the blaze. Ckearly you need to figure out which way you are going to help me find my way.

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  • FireMan
    commented on 's reply
    Like I said before, nuthin gets by you, nosirree. That IR burner on the side is to die for. 🕶

  • jfmorris
    Wow! While I cannot comment on the high end stuff, I will say that I still have a 2002 Weber Genesis, and if you had to drill holes to secure replacement burners.... you must have been buying the wrong burners or something...

    My 2002 Genesis, which I rebuilt and added Grillgrates to around 2017 sits at my daughter's house now, and I have a Genesis II E-410 which serves my needs for the times I need a gas grill. Which to be honest, is not much. I tend to do most of my cooking these days on my Camp Chef flat top (FTG900), my SNSGrills Deluxe Kamado, or my Weber Performer. I have an offset that is even more neglected than the Genesis II, as I find it much more efficient to smoke on the kettle or kamado - no need to babysit the fire constantly, and those cookers use about 1/4 or less of the fuel the offset needs for a cook.

    I will say this about the newer Genesis II and Spirit II grills from Weber. That old adage "they don't make 'em like they used to' stands true for Weber unfortunately. That 2002 grill is built like a tank compared to the newer grills. The newer grills just seem to have much thinner metal in the construction. And back in 2002, Weber advertised 10 minute assembly or something like that, and it was true. You just assembled the legs and dropped the grill and tables onto it, and were literally done in 10-15 minutes. The newer Weber Spirit II and Genesis II are a million little pieces of flimsy sheet metal and screws for the cart and frame, unlike the tubular steel in the old carts.
    Last edited by jfmorris; May 5, 2021, 08:42 AM.

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  • SmokeyGator
    I have the 500 prestige pro RSIB. It is by FAR the most awesome gasser I have used or seen in use. But really Blaze and Weber Summit easily compare. All three are top notch good stuff. I can say the side IR burner is a monster. It gets super hot. How hot? Lets just say be careful using an aluminum pan over it - you might melt it. Really. Also be careful using cast iron, you can fire damage it.

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  • Attjack
    I bought my Blaze from the Warehouse Deals section at BBQGuys.com and saved a significant amount on my grill. It's had a few minor aesthetic issues such as a dent. It had obviously not really been used more than once or twice. The inside was pristine. Best of all it came with the full lifetime warranty. Maybe you should monitor their Warehouse Deals and go big for less?


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  • LanaiBoy
    I love my Napoleon. Well built, fantastic quality. The burners are tough as hell to kill. Still got the original ones that came with it.

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