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Good sources of hardwood for an offset smoker in Minnesota?

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    Good sources of hardwood for an offset smoker in Minnesota?

    Hey all -

    Just making the transition from cooking on my WSM and pellet smoker to an offset. I'm starting to look around for good sources of quality hardwood for cooking. I was curious if any other MN members have some recommendations to look at?


    Spinaker should be able to give you some ideas.


      If you can’t find anything locally, I’ve had good luck ordering B&B Competition splits from Ace Hardware. They have all varieties of wood and while a little more expensive than being able to get it locally, they ship to store for free and I can go pick it up. I don’t know if you have an Academy Sports anywhere near by, but they usually have the same splits in stock. I used to buy from them in Texas, but the closest one to me here in Indiana is a little over an hour away. Welcome to the pit and also to the offset world! Looking forward to hearing about and seeing some of your cooks!


        Welcome to The Pit.


          What’s your approximate area? Lots of homes in greater MN are still heated with wood furnaces and there are officially listed companies as well as people doing it as a side gig or retirement gig who list on Facebook marketplace or CL. The definition of a cord seems to vary wildly in my area so ask questions before you make the deal. The best is if you can find someone who processes wood and likes BBQ.


          • FireMan
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            Don’t go anywhere near j-hap, as you see, there is not a sliver of wood around him!

          Thanks for all the responses! I'm in the Twin Cities area. I've found a few places that seem to have 'seasoned' oak and other hardwoods.


            Hello from NW Oregon,
            Happy offsetting to you and BBQ too.


              Howdy from Kansas Territory, Welcome to Th Pit!

              Lookin forward to learnin along with, an from ya!

              Sounds like ya found at least an interim wood source, to git ya rollin...shop round, don't git yerself schnockered by some CL/FBM opportunist.

              Corda wood is 4 foot by 4 foot by 8 foot. Period. Das ist wahr. Sin duda. Hontou desu. etc.

              That's a fact, Jack!

              They ain't no Other Cords, no matter what some jackwagon try to tell ya/sell ya.

              They is face cords, partial cords, etc..., yessir

              None them change what a cord is, they is merely subdivisions of one.

              I runs me some stickburners, as well...

              Never be afraid to ask some questions, up in here, Amigo...

              (I done asked alla th Stoopid ones up, long afore ya even got here, Brother!)


                Ahhh, yes. I cut my own. So I know what I am getting. However, I would look at some tree services for extra wood.
                That being said. Firewood suppliers are good sources. As long as they are selling hardwoods.

                That being said, I have a ton of cherry on hand that I would be willing to part with. I am just up in Minnetonka, and you are from my hometown. (Mod privileges allow me to see where you are from. ) So I will give you a good deal. PM me if you are interested. It was all cut and split in the summer of 2020, stored under cover and it is good and dry. I can bring about a face cord down to you, if you are interested. (That is 16" deep X 8 Feet X 4 Feet)

                Let me know how much you are looking for and we can work something out.


                • RickyBobby
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                  You deliver to Indy?

                • Spinaker
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                  RickyBobby That is a long drive. But it might be worth the laughs. I could stop at your place on the way to NY to drop off Steve B load.

                • Steve B
                  Steve B commented
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                  Awesome Spinaker Let’s book the trip and get it done. 😁💪
                  With or without the wood my friend you are always welcome here. You know that for sure.


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