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SnS Kamado Rotisserie - First Cook

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    SnS Kamado Rotisserie - First Cook

    I bought the rotisserie kit for the SnSK. Even though I titled this "First Cook" I actually used it once before in an attempt to cook a whole chicken - I had too much charcoal in the basket and the fire got away from me. When I checked ten minutes after starting the cook the skin was black! I took it off, got the temperature down, and finished the chicken in kamado mode, it turned out pretty good.

    Today I cooked a Moroccan seasoned leg of lamb that I bought from Wild Fork Foods. I've never really done a leg of lamb, just a small one from the local store a few years ago. The one I'm cooking today is 3 lbs. I kept the temperature at about 300o-325o for most of the cook then at the end I let the coals get roaring hot and seared the roast.

    I made home made khobz (Moroccan flat bread) and a take on Taktouka - a cooked bell pepper and tomato "salad" that I placed under the lamb to catch the drippings. I used poblano and jalapeno peppers, shallots, and onions along with a can of fire roasted tomatoes, and dried parsley, cumin, and smoked paprika for the seasoning.

    Here is the lamb at the beginning. One thing that impresses me about the rotisserie motor is it is absolutely quiet. I've watched several youtube rotisserie videos and the motors are often loud. I'm shooting for an IT of 130o or so.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	leg_of_lamb1.jpg
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    Click image for larger version

Name:	leg_of_lamb2.jpg
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    The khobz

    Click image for larger version

Name:	leg_of_lamb3.jpg
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    Finished Taktouka - probably over cooked it but it tastes fine.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	leg_of_lamb4.jpg
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ID:	1292379
    Resting after searing

    Click image for larger version

Name:	leg_of_lamb5.jpg
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    Click image for larger version

Name:	leg_of_lamb6.jpg
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    Click image for larger version

Name:	leg_of_lamb7.jpg
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    I've mostly cooked lamb chops and racks. The inner meat of this roast is great, the outer part is a bit gamey but eating it on the bread with the Taktouka makes it not so noticeable. I have an unseasoned leg of lamb that I plan to cook on the rotisserie in a month or so, maybe it will be less gamey.

    I'm happy with the SnS Kamado Rotisserie: nice and silent, even rotation of the meat. The entire cook took about 1 hour and 30 minutes.

    Nice cook, David! I like lamb, but only from local ranch raised. Any time I buy from a retailer it always tastes a little gamey. I think I'm a lamb snob.


      I did one of those Moroccan leg of lamb roasts from WF a month or so ago. I served it as gyros. To me it was terrific. Wifey declared she doesn’t like lamb. This is the woman that has had it countless times with no complaints. Now I am forbidden from making lamb. 🤷‍♂️🙄🤦


      • RonB
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        That's to ba-a-ad.

      The rotisserie for the SNS Kamado is an accessory I kinda wish I had, just to have it, but they quit selling within a few months of me receiving my SNS Kamado in January 2021, so its moot. I already had the Weber kettle and gas rotisseries, so go to those for that type of cook.

      This leg of lamb looks cool, but I am not sure I can convince my wife to try it.... she grew up eating lamb chops, but is always resistant to me buying any when we are in the store.


      • 58limited
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        jfmorris Call them, that is what I did. The rotisserie was not on the website, I saw it on youtube and I called them; it turns out that they had a dozen or so left and sold me one. They even gave me the 20% discount that they had going on at the time.

      Nice cook. I am assuming that it was a lid down cook. Correct?


      • 58limited
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        Yes, and I used my MEATER thermometer.


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