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Wrapping Diffuser in Foil - a poll

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    Wrapping Diffuser in Foil - a poll

    AR Pitmaster Club Brethren, I was looking at my SNS Deluxe Kamado the other day, or this morning, as I walked past it, and pondering the fact that I usually waste a big square of foil to wrap the diffuser almost every time I use it. The diffuser gets used on about 3/4 of my smoking on that cooker, the other 1/4 of the time I use the SNS and DNG.

    So it begs the question, for all you PRO kamado users out there in the Pitmaster club - to wrap, or not to wrap. That is the question!

    - Jimbo in Dullsville, Alabama
    Wrap in foil to keep it clean
    Don't wrap - just burn it off after cook
    I use a drip pan over the diffuser

    I use the Smokeware drip pan. Nothing better. Save the foil and get the pan. it is made out of heavy 304 Stainless Steel, easy to clean and it fits perfectly in my large BGE. It has more than paid for itself in terms of saving on foil wrap or foil pans.I have had it for over 5 years and it is still like brand new. Only the universe knows how many cooks that pan has seen......countless.


    • Steve B
      Steve B commented
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      Jim. I set mine right on the diffuser. .

    • klflowers
      klflowers commented
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      Dammit man, another gadget I need

    • Spinaker
      Spinaker commented
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      I let it sit right on the diffuser. jfmorris

    So, my vote probably shouldn't count because I don't actually have SNS Deluxe Kamado, but I do have an Akorn and OKJ barrel smokers... I use an straight sided aluminum pizza pan from American Metalcraft on Amazon.. https://smile.amazon.com/dp/B005V32P...roduct_details

    It won't pass as new, but cleans up nicely..


    • LA Pork Butt
      LA Pork Butt commented
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      jfmorris Wow! 2 inches! That’s tight! Maybe an aluminum pizza pan with some thick washer spacers would work.

    • jfmorris
      jfmorris commented
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      LA Pork Butt I've not measured it, but I do know that put my DNG on top of the diffuser one time, using 3 stainless steel nuts from my garage as spacers. The cooking grate was just resting on the two handles of the DNG. What's that? 4 inches maybe for the height of the DNG + handles, and the thickness of some large nuts?

    • tstalafuse
      tstalafuse commented
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      jfmorris like I said, I don't own one so my thoughts are worth what you paid.. My Akorn only has 3 inches between the bottom of the grate and diffuser (OKJ Broncos has more), and my pan works.. Worst case is you buy the 1 1/4 in pans.. Of course, these are just random thoughts and you know how much they are worth..

    I think we oughtta have poll on Jimbo from Dullsville!


      Ok, for those like me with the SNS Kamado, such as jhapka , I decided to get off my butt and measure it. You have to understand that the design of the SNS Kamado is different than most, due to the desire they had to replicate the kettle experience using the SNS insert on a kamado cooker. So while you have the firebox of all kamado cookers with a cast iron grate in the bottom and ventilation holes around the ceramic firebox, there is an upper charcoal grate that rests on the top edge of that firebox. The SNS fits on that, and they positioned things so that the main cooking grate is just above the SNS, for those stellar sears we have come to expect using the SNS on our kettles, with the coals just under the cooking grate.

      So due to that, the distance from the upper charcoal grate to the cooking grate is the same as in a Weber 22" kettle, for the SNS to work the same. The ceramic diffuser from SNSGrills has 3 legs, and just sits on top of the upper charcoal grate. The distances they chose work out so that this is the distance from the top of the diffuser to the main cooking grate:

      Click image for larger version  Name:	IMG_9201.jpg Views:	0 Size:	2.54 MB ID:	1252649

      It is just UNDER 3 inches. So, best case, those like me with the SNS Kamado that want a drip pan on top of the diffuser probably need to look at the 18" drip pan over at the Ceramic Grill Store, $16.99, which is 1 inch thick if I read the page correctly, along with a set of 3 of their 1/2 inch thick spacers to place it on. That leave a good gap still from the cooking grate to the drip pan. It will still be 2.5 inches over the main portion of the pan, even with the spacers.


      • jhapka
        jhapka commented
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        Thank you probably would’ve forgotten by the time I get home from work

      I use a round pizza serving tray covered in foil with a slight upward lip to contain any grease. Only sits maybe 1 inch above the diffuser plate and cleans up easily.


        I always foil my heat deflectors, but I add a throwaway foil pan underneath (plus the foiled defectors) if there is a lot of meat on there (which means a ton of fat dripping down). Just my preference. Generally, a "lot of meat" means 2 pork butts which fills up the KJ Classic. If it's just 1 pork butt, I just foil the deflectors (no pan).


          I wrap them and use a drip pan. The foil lasts for a long, long time. Like maybe 3-4 months. Often times I'll just use another piece of foil as a disposable drip pan.
          Last edited by Attjack; July 12, 2022, 02:26 PM.


            I use the drip pan. I started by wrapping, but then I failed to do so and found, when I made pizza at a high temp, that they came out clean as a whistle. So my method is the drip pan and burning off what that doesn't catch later.


              The one I have for my BKK is a combo diffuser/water pan.
              I never wrap in foil.
              Its not the best set up IMHO but its what I got for now.


                When I had the SNS, I wrapped. With the pellet cooker, I put 2 layers. Makes cleanup much easier.


                  My ancient Kamado has normal kamado geometry. There is a metal crossbar that sits about 12 inches below the cook surface. After breaking several ceramic diffusers, I gave up and bought a round Baking Steel of the same diameter to sit on the crossbar. That thing is probably approaching ten years old.

                  I am a complete slob. I have never wrapped the steel and have never cleaned it. When I cook something like a pork butt, I put a disposable foil pan or two on the steel as a water reservoir/drip pan.

                  By the way, I have never cleaned the inside of the cooker, either. It's over 15 years old at this point. I just consider all of that to be seasoning.

                  I do break down and steam clean the cooking grate now and then, especially if I'm expecting company.


                    I wrap the drip tray in my Traeger, as if that counts. LOL



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