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How to get two layers on a BGE Medium

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    How to get two layers on a BGE Medium

    Here’s how to get 2 layers of indirect on a medium BGE.

    Bottom to top:

    -Ceramic Grill Store Spider

    -12” stone (BGE seems to be the best source for this size)

    -standard grate

    -KJ grill extender classic

    The deflector stone is fairly close to the coals, and the bottom rack is fairly close to the stone, but I have used it a couple of times with good success.

    1) KJ Grill extender (Classic) ideally should have the one leg (at the back) bent inwards slightly so it sits on top of the grate. Otherwise it will sit on the fire ring and there will be a slight tilt.

    2) Orient the grate so the cutouts align with the hinge and front. Slide toward the back to maximize clearance when closing the dome (it is a tight fit).

    3) Spider should be oriented with the drop downward. You can adjust the height slightly be putting on the ring itself, or on the cutouts for the plate setter. That adjusts stone position by about 1/2” up or down.

    4) Be sure to center the stone on the spider to ensure even heat all the way around.

    After two test runs I am ready to call this a success.

    See my notes from 1/2023. I am sure I will use the two layer approach again, especially when the item on the top is not the same as the bottom.

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    Given this is a medium egg, you can barely fit a rack of ribs on it (and then the ends over cook) so I always cut them into 2 pices. Using the above set up I have frequently done 2 slabs (4 halves). I have also done 3 or 4 pastramies.

    However the items on the bottom always cook faster due to radiant cooking. So I have to swap top and bottom which is a pain .

    So this summer I used just the bottom grate and a rib rack. I still have to cut the racks in half, but this worked well. I was also able to put 3 pastramies on their side (with balls of foil to keep space between) with good success.

    Tomorrrow I am doing a 15 Lb turkey. With the plate setter things were super tight in the dome, so I am using the spider/stone combo instead. There's enough room for the drip/gravy platter, but I I will add a spacer to give a bit more space under the bird so the bottom doesn't over cook from radiant heat.

    Click image for larger version

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    Click image for larger version

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