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New WSM door from Cajun Bandit

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    New WSM door from Cajun Bandit

    Getting ready for tomorrows smoke and just installed the new stainless door from Cajun Bandit on my WSM. Doing a quick burn just to christen it, (the new door) Its not near as tight as I thought it be but it looks like I can tweak it if needed. I'm not passing judgement till I cook with it. The order/delivery was perfect thats for sure.


    Watch this space for more info and pics....

    Oh BTW it looks flippin cool as all get out!
    Last edited by Jon Solberg; September 13, 2014, 06:33 PM.

    How does it compare to the other door as for as fit?


      appears tighter on the X and a bit looser on the z which I should be able to adjust by spreading the x just a bit
      Last edited by Jon Solberg; September 13, 2014, 07:24 PM.


        y? get it....oh man, that was good.....at least on this end


        • Jon Solberg
          Jon Solberg commented
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          It was... :0

        Looks awesome Jon! What are ya cookin first on it?


          Ribs, Brining now.


            I just did beef back ribs. Nice for something different. I know you could let them dudes hang ALL day without worrying about them falling off.....

            Click image for larger version

Name:	beefrib1.jpg
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            • The Burn
              The Burn commented
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            • Huskee
              Huskee commented
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              Git in muh bellay!

            • Ernest
              Ernest commented
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              That's one fantastic rib!

            Holy smoke ring jrod. That's amazing


              For some reason ribs really soak up those gases. On the thinner pieces it is 99% ring.


                Have you lost pork to the coals from hanging to long?


                  Never. I have had some wanting to give some. Once they pass the bend test, typically about 15-20 more minutes, and they are perfect, sauced or not. I paint on sauce once they pass the test for wet ribs.


                    I'm looking forward to your experience with the new door, Jon. I'm considering one myself.

                    Really nice ribs, Jerod!


                      Hi Jon, I have one of those doors too. I like mine, it's a much better fit than the original for sure. This is the only mod I did to my 22'5" WSM. Well, I did add another great to cross/double up on the original for the charcoal. Have you done anything else to yours? I really want to find a good way to put handles on the mid section. Jim



                        Handles would be great especially on a 22. I wanted to put handles on mine but then the cover won't fit so I didn't. I hang my thermometer sending unit bracket with magnet for the same reason.

                        All I've done was cut a slot for my partyQ cable and blow holes in it for the probes and add the door.

                        Cable slot:

                        Therm bracket:

                        The CB door:


                        • 3DJ
                          3DJ commented
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                          Very cool Jon. Yeah, I have a half baked idea for handles that could come off. Haven't thought it all out yet.

                          That's a great idea with the magnets. Also, that slot is really well done. How did you do that if you don't mind?


                        • David Parrish
                          David Parrish commented
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                          Yeaha couple of folks like you and we might be able to set up a dedicated bullet smoker channel.; PM me if you're interested.

                        • Craigar
                          Craigar commented
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                          3DJ here is a link for the slot: http://virtualweberbullet.com/cuttin...eter-slot.html

                        Thanks Craiger! Jim



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