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Myron Mixon G9 Questions

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    Myron Mixon G9 Questions

    Just recently upgraded my smoker from a WSM to a Myron Mixon G9. Have cooked a couple of times on the new unit now and seeing some things I may need advice on.

    1. Cooking times seem to be much longer. With the WSM I was using a AuberSmart fan and control system for temp. With the G9 I have a BBQ Guru. Both units hold the temp rock solid steady but it seems that the G9 is taking about 25% longer at same temp for the cook to finish.

    2. I am getting a much more pronounced charcoal taste with the G9. Same Charcoal as I used with WSM but getting some undesirable bitterness with the G9. Fire seems to be burning well, thin blue smoke from smoker, no heavy smoke.

    Has anyone run across issues with Gravity Fed smokers like this?

    I don't have any experience with the MM G9 but there may be a group on Facebook that may be able to offer opinions too.


      Congrats., That’s a heck of a step up.

      I run a fan on my WSM and I seem to have much longer cooks than what others report here at 225. While I know nothing about gravity fed smokers, from what you describe it sounds like you are running a little cooler than what you think you are.

      My suggestion would be to run your next cook at +25 ~ 50 degrees hotter than your previous smokes and see what difference that makes. I’ve been setting my WSM to 250 instead of 225 and for whatever reason things are working better for me.


        Have Southern Q Limo Jr going on 5 years
        Haven’t experienced those issues
        what brand of charcoal? Primarily use Kingsford Comp

        Are you adding dry wood chunks?

        Have found the location of the guru temp sensor can vary based on location to meat & amount of meat in the cooker.

        Had a strange experience clipping guru sensor to the door thermometer and will never do that again

        Any differences using water pan or not? Rarely use mine because the cooker creates a very humid environment.


        • smokinbill57
          smokinbill57 commented
          Editing a comment
          I am using wood chunks that are very dry, The Weber and Kingsford bagged stuff. The temp in my smoker varies only about 10 degrees by moving the BBQ Guru temp prob around. Typically hotter on top than in the middle. I use the water pan when running long cooks like pork butts or brisket but not so much for shorter ones. I think part of my issues were air flow, found an issue with heat exchange from firebox and cooking chamber.


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