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Fan blower for the Bronco?

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    yankeePolarbear777 ,

    I used 2 inch pvc to make an adapter for the intake pipe.

    A short piece of pipe, two 45 degree elbows, and a cap that I drilled a 1 inch hole in.

    The pipe fits over the intake pipe (after you remove the damper). Spring clips in the fan hold it in the 1 inch hole well enough.

    There’s enough space that I haven’t noticed any problem with the pvc getting hot.

    It isn’t scientifically air-tight, but it’s snug enough to hold temps steady.

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      So. im going to side with Hawker here. Learn the cooker and dont obsess over perfectly flat temps. WHile things like the FIreboard etc are nice, I think they inherently emphasize data over knowledge. Look at all the amazin 'que turned out by grizzled guys with really basic pits in tiny out of the way places.


      • Potkettleblack
        Potkettleblack commented
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        Thus far, just using the thermometer on the front of the OBJ, and giving it a look see every hour. I think you’re right about ambient probing. I just read the myth bust of “Looking Aint Cooking” in Meathead.worth a reread.

      bmurrah - well done, that looks like a nice mod! Is that the FireBoard fan blower?

      rickgregory - thanks - and I hear ya. Trying not to obsess, and it's only my second cook so I'll improve. I'm using a FireBoard thermometer right now (and the app that goes with it, which is awesome), but not using any fan/controller just yet. Part of this is a "practical" thing, as I need to get some things done while the smoking happens. (I've officially entered the "book/beer/chillout and smell the smoke" phase today, though.) I also think that data helps knowledge, no? But yeah, I'm glad folks have chimed in to suggest holding off on the fan til I learn the equipment better; I already see how that is helping me learn and I'm in no rush on the fan.


      • rickgregory
        rickgregory commented
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        The issue I have with the Fireboard etc is that it leads people to obsess over temp consistency and while that’s important to a degree (ha!), it really doesn’t matter if temps fluctuate +/- 20degrees over the course of the cook. Hell, most ovens fluctuate +/- 50.

        I think you’ll find that, using the info above, you can get very consistent temps out of the Bronco and that a fan is superfluous

      • bmurrah
        bmurrah commented
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        The blower is Tappecue.

        My first (and second) leave in thermometers came from Tappecue, as they were the first (to my knowledge) to offer wifi connection.

        Now they have a fan that the thermometer controls.

        Excellent customer service the time or two that I’ve called with a question or problem.

        They are getting ready to release a wireless probe for their thermometers. I have one to beta test but haven’t used it yet.

        I’ve been thoroughly happy with them.

      Good points. Main reason I use a blower is schedule Set/forget/tell me when it’s time to check.


        Wanted to circle back and thank the OJB experts for the advice on this thread. I still refer to it, especially after several months off.


        • Panhead John
          Panhead John commented
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          I just finished reading this whole thread for the first time. Now that I’ve got a few cooks under my Bronco belt, all of this is familiar, except for the blower part, and is spot on advice. It’s really nice to have these cookers divided into their own channels. It helped me a lot when I first got mine, reading y’all’s comments and suggestions.
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