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Where Do Get Your Wine

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    Where Do Get Your Wine

    Now, I'll set the bar. I'm cheap.also I firmly believe you can purchase quality wine for under $20. And that's a lot. I'm sure there are folks who feel that I'm out of my mind i.e. wine snobs. I respect your opinions but I respectfully disagree. I purchase 80% of my wine online. Over the years I've used wine.com, wsjwines and finally, Wineinsiders.com. Now buy 6 bottles shipping free in the lower 48. Typical timing, for me in my location order by 300 PM,, here next day. Again, there wines are not high end whatever that is. I've only been disappointed a couple of time in my years of purchasing from them.
    I have to go now to pour another glass.

    My grocery store has a huge selection, that’s where I buy it. I agree about under $20...usually I buy bottles that are $10-$15.


      Depends what you have locally, what you like, how much you want to try new things. I've drunk bottles worth... far far more than $20. Are they worth it? To me, sometimes but you usually have to age them for 15+ years and that's not for everyone. And yes, you can get a lot of wines for $20 and under that are quite good, esp if you don't care about aging them.

      The other thing you can do is to look to keep the average bottle price at or under $20 but not each bottle. That way of somehing sounds really good to you but it's $25 or so, you can bring the average price down. And if you're buying 6 at a time, look for discounts. Often, shops will discount for a case purchase.


        Food store and Costcow.


        • Troutman
          Troutman commented
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          Costcow lol

        One thing I noticed on my trips to Texas is the price of your wines.
        I was floored at the price of a bottle of wine.
        I buy the majority of my wine at the provincially run LCBO. Prices star at $9.00 to skies the limit.
        Since I'm less than an hour from Niagara wine country we do take side trips down there as well as the blossoming Erie north shore wineries. The boutique wineries are more expensive as they are selling they're vintage products.
        Your wine snob comment has some merit. My wife's favourite wine is a Portuguese white that retails for $9.85.
        I prefer reds that usually fall in the $10-14 range but will go $20 if something catches my eye.
        I'm less than 5 mins to 4 wine outlets so have never done online buying.


          Got a wife and daughter at home, but for a change sometimes I listen to a little whining at work. Can't understand people paying for that...


            My most expensive purchase and it was on sale from wine.com, I think $70, Silver Oaks 2006 Cabernet. It's been in my cellar up to today when I bought it in 08'. I have a hand full which go back to 2001. Hopefully I'll open them b4 my funeral. Otherwise I'll insist they're drank at my funeral.


            • SheilaAnn
              SheilaAnn commented
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              RichieB be careful they don’t turn! Silver Oak does a fantastic job, but I have had some of my wines go south.

            • RichieB
              RichieB commented
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              Long gone SheilaAnn. Was delicious.

            • Potkettleblack
              Potkettleblack commented
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              Unless you are properly cellaring, you should probably open it sooner, rather than later.

            Way spoiled here in California. I grew up in wine country and around the wine business. I've been taught how to taste and appreciate wine from some of the best growers and winemakers in our area. The biggest take home from ALL of them: drink what you like. In NorCal we have a chain of discount grocery stores called Grocery Outlet and their wine buyers are freaking awesome. In addition to the usual bulk wine that everyone sells, they grab small lots of very, very good wines that for whatever reason the winery is off-loading. Man oh man we can get some fantastic, boutique, hunnert dollar wines for ten bucks! Probably the last remaining benefit of existing in our once great state.


            • tdimond
              tdimond commented
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              We have Grocery Outlets on this end of the state also. There's one less than a mile from our house. Now I have to check out their wine selection . . . .

            • SheilaAnn
              SheilaAnn commented
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              CaptainMike you said it perfectly! I have found some great wines at what we lovingly call “The Groot”.

            Total Wine, Costco and recent,y a wine club my wife joined. Pricing is pretty reasonale for a case. I think she said she pays $12-15 a bottle. There are more expensive choices, but she’s stays in the range.


              Total Wine if I am in the area, or Costco. But normally at one of the local groceries.


                Like CaptainMike, we're also spoiled living so close to many areas with great wine. We tend to get most of our wine directly from the wineries. No bargains, but we get access to many wines that aren't available retail.


                  We pick a place that is well stocked, tell them a max price, and then order a case and have them select a variety to full the case Buying a case also gets us a discount of at least 15%. Having them select the wines has always given us a good selection, especially of good wines that aren’t expensive. I would have skipped a lot of of them just because of the low price marked on the bottle. Funny thing is is that neither Kathy or I drink alcohol but we are always hearing from guests how good our tastes in wine are.🙂


                  • CaptainMike
                    CaptainMike commented
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                    And fine, extremely thoughtful hosts. I truly need to explore if that level of generosity exists within me. Thanks for the provocative post.

                  • ComfortablyNumb
                    ComfortablyNumb commented
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                    CaptainMike It's easy being a thoughtful host. I keep some vegetables around in case a vegetarian shows up, and water for the teetotalers. Otherwise I'd have no use for either! ;-)

                  I have wines shipped from 5 different wineries...a selection of NoCal & SoCal vintners. Like theroc mentioned, that gives us access to some wines that simply aren’t available anywhere else.

                  With the holidays just over, I think I’m down to around a hundred or so bottles. LOL Mostly reds.

                  That said, I will also pick up wines at the grocery store or Total Wine...mostly whites as those don’t generally need or benefit from cellaring like many reds do. I also tend to pick up 2-3 bottles of sparkling wine a week when I’m in town...not having a “real” job means that we can have brunch on any day.


                    between my kids and a few of my employees, I get too much whine, that's what whisky is fore


                      I like to explore when it comes to wine. I look for wines under $20 and even $15 in varietals I like or regions around the globe. I tend to go to Mom & Pop shops when I can.

                      Big outfits like Total Wine are making it hard on the small shops. But Total Wine, while carrying good brands, also masks their store brands with labels that don’t indicate it is a store brand. Their not bad, but that’s a little odd.

                      I did get a Christmas gift from my wife of 15 bottles from the NPR wine club. It worked out to $6 a bottle! So far they are pretty good.



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