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Trader Joe wine - Xmas 2022 season

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    Trader Joe wine - Xmas 2022 season

    Have been REALLY enjoying some recent Nov/Dec 2022 releases at out local Trader Joe’s.

    been expecting these on the shelf since we saw the posts on various TJ press release reviewer websites, and so far we have NOT been disappointed.

    the 2020 OAKVILLE CAB is pretty, pretty terrific for the price point. We enjoy wines but are not experts. This bottle definitely drinks as well as a bottle costing much much more, in our opinion. Worth the effort to pick up a bottle or three if you see it on the shelf. We may pick up another case this week just because we can.

    the crowd at Vivino appear to agree. https://www.vivino.com/US/en/trader-...5201?year=2020

    they have a 2020 CARNEROS PINOT that we like as well. Like the OAKVILLE, it drinks more expensive than it is.

    Have not yet tasted the 2020 STAGS LEAP CAB, but have high hopes for it as well. Rumor is that between the Stags Leap and OAKVILLE cab, that the OAKVILLE is the preferred winner of the two. Time will tell.

    the RESERVE MERLOT was also very drinkable and a good merlot option, but a tad on the sweeter side for our personal preference.

    WillTravelForFood are these TJ labels? Or…..? EX: TJ Reserve (enter name here).


    • WillTravelForFood
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      Yes, all TJ brands.

      Platinum, Diamond, Grand Reserve, etc on the label

    I like their Cocobon Estates Roasted Oak Red Blend for an everyday red. Inexpensive and delicious.

    I'm always looking for lower-alcohol wines that taste good. For a tasty low-alcohol and inexpensive white I get their Espiral Vinho Verde at 9% alcohol. It's a good summertime or light meal wine. It's light, white, and I can have a big girl glass (or two) of it without having to fight the tendency to call everyone "honey" and to think I'm the funniest person in the room.



      Our local TJ's wine person said that they don't understand why people are still buying "two-buck chuck", now that it's creeping up into the $4-$5 range due to various reasons. For just a few dollars more, there are plenty of both TJ-branded and non-TJ-branded bottles on the shelf that are.... "better".

      Some people do happen to prefer the taste/consistency of Charles Shaw, so they can continue as they are. But for those who were buying merely Charles Shaw for the price point, they have plenty of options available as that price drifts upwards.

      Our point in the original post is that there are some pretty good TJ-branded wines that should not be overlooked simply because of the label. (Similar to all the terrific Kirkland wines --- private label doesn't mean inferior product)


        We also have some bottles of the Alexander Valley District cab. Vivino thinks it's a pretty good TJ-branded bottle too. So if you can't find the Oakville, try the Alexander Valley instead.



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