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POLL: The cola wars

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    Always have and always will be a coke drinker. I can not tell the difference between others, but I have done many blind tests. I always pick the coke. I even know when none of the ones I am tasting are coke. It has the bite that I like


      Bumping some fun older polls to get new members in on them......


        Dr Pepper!!!!


        I knew the family that owned the manufacturing rights for Coca Cola Co in the Pacific Northwest region. Their facility was in Chehalis, Washingon. They also owned ALL of the Coca Cola vending machine in all those states.

        Back then it cost them 7.5 cents to produce a can of Coke. Needless to say that family was filthy, filthy rich. My brother worked for them.

        I personally prefer wine over soft drinks. The only Coke I drink is when I go to In N Out for burgers.😎


          The two mini cans of cola I drink per year are always Coke. It's always driving home from either hiking or skiing in the mountains, does anyone else feel like they get more of an initial jolt from cola than coffee? Maybe it's because my body gets black coffee every morning and the isn't used to the sugar.


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            its just the cold of the soda that probably makes you feel the jolt that why they (who ever the hell they are) say to drink something cold and walk around your vehicle if you are feeling sleepy when driving

          I have a couple of restored (1950's) Coke machines in the house... so even though I might only drink a soft drink once every other month or so... it has to be Coke.


            I was brought up on Diet soda (my mom was always on this diet or other) so the "weird" taste isn't weird to me. We make our own seltzer (20lb CO2 tank, not sodastream) and I have diet cola syrup I add if I'm wanting cola. Tried to make my own, that was a major fail.


              Why can't I vote for "I hate soda and refuse to ever drink it" .... why isn't that an option?


                Originally posted by ecowper View Post
                Why can't I vote for "I hate soda and refuse to ever drink it" .... why isn't that an option?
                Because it's a poll about cola, if you don't like cola don't vote, lol


                • ecowper
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                  That answer is about cola

                I worked for Movie Theaters ( 3 different ones in 3 different towns) for 17 years (starting out my Freshman year in College) 2 perks for working there the biggie was of course Free Movies!! (saved so much money for a broke college student) 2nd Free Drinks and Popcorn! Being in college I had afternoons off (last Class was always over by 12 noon!!) So I worked usually by myself (it was only a 4 screen when I was in Lubbock) I was the Ticket seller, Sold the concessions and Threaded up and started the movies! I got to talk to all the workmen that came in. So I got the Coke Guy to show me how to Brisk the different drinks! Being a big chain they always had us Lower the drink syrup and add more ice. We had a small Concession that we used during the Summertime and for Christmas break. Back when they really had block buster movies come out! I hid the tools for adjusting the drink syrup at that station and we all got our drinks from that one! So I really can tell the difference (even today 30 years later) between Coke and Pepsi (I have since given up Caffeine I can still get Coke and Dr Pepper in cans that are Caffeine free but never out in the real world) I really do miss that Sting of Fresh carbonated Coke (in a Glass full of ice!! I snuck it in to work we were suppose to use the 6oz cups yeah right) Fun Times but it enabled me to never grow up and turns out that is a bad thing???


                  Wine is better than cola...😎


                    Shasta cola


                      Diet Coke. Can tell instantly when a place sells pepsi but doesn't tell you it's Pepsi when you've ordered Coke. (mild citrus is the fore palate and a different direction of artificial sweetness, coke has a more interesting array of flavors to parse.)

                      I'm a bit of a super taster. What's kooky about coke is that the flavor profile is the same as it was when I was a kid. Pepsi has changed maybe three or four times since then. Not sure which is weirder.


                        I drink a ton of Diet Mt. Dew. Can't stand most "regular" sodas these days, taste way too sweet for me. I don't mind most of the diets, I'm used to the artificial sweetener taste. I put the pink stuff in my iced tea, as well, and actually prefer it to tea sweetened with sugar. I know it doesn't taste the same, but after 25+ years of drinking it that way, that is what iced tea is "supposed" to taste like, to me! lol


                          My favorite was Jolt cola. But since I cannot find it I drink Pepsi but I will drink Coke too.
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                            +1 on Jolt. You can't find it because they shut down in 2009. There' been a knock off on Amazon butthat seems to have disappeared too



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