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Drinkworks Drinkmaker is now available nationwide

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    Drinkworks Drinkmaker is now available nationwide

    This thing is like Keurig except it spits out cocktails and other drinks.


    Click image for larger version

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    Max Good Meathead

    Let me know if you want to send one over to me for testing.


    • Max Good
      Max Good commented
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      I want to....I really do.....gulp. gulp, gulp. Ahhhhhhhhhh

    So does it work with Alexa? Hey Alexa, make me a Weller, Neat.....Or Old Fashioned....


      Uh oh. This could be dangerous. 🤨


        Interestin concept.
        Ain't had time to go check out their site, jus yet...
        Does it have an adjustable IV Drip feature?


        • RonB
          RonB commented
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          Ya stole my comment ya dirty - never mind...
          Last edited by RonB; January 24, 2021, 04:37 PM.

        Drink Maker?? I don't need no stinkin' drink maker. I got whisky, I got a little water, and I got a little ice. Gotta put all that somewhere. Why not a glass??


        • Dewesq55
          Dewesq55 commented
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          What are these things - water? and ice? - of which you speak?

        • wu7y
          wu7y commented
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          I'm retired i.e. on a fixed income. These things of which I speak are for those times I cannot find i.e. afford good whisky. Maybe if I drank less, hmmm? Nah. Life's too short. But thanks for asking :-)

        My Keurig has an option for strong, which I use. Does this?


          Treating the $300 price of the machine as a sunk cost I'd have two choices:
          1. Have a $4 margarita at home.
          2. Have a $5 happy hour margarita at the tiki bar on the beach and see a lot of bikinis.
          I'll take #2.


            Give the people what they want during quarantine!


              I saw that...and saw a demo some time ago.
              But I honestly can’t help but think that it’s a solution for a problem that doesn’t exist. LOL

              With the possible exception of the White Russian (I travel too much to always have cream on hand) I generally have the ingredients to make everything they’ve packaged. As do most all of my friends & family. And most of what they offer are basics anyway. I guess it could be used as an “intro to cocktails” but a cheaper way would be to just look up a few recipes and go from there...adjusting to taste as needed.


              • Attjack
                Attjack commented
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                Yeah, you're right. I would not buy this or a Keurig but I do find it and intriguing and would like to see it in action. I have a full bar in my basement and a nice little home bar in the dining room. I'm guessing my cocktails are better and cheaper than this can make.

              • surfdog
                surfdog commented
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                Yeah, when I saw a demo it was kinda cool...for about 18 seconds. LOL Then reality hit and KNOW that I can mix a cocktail in about the same time, for less, and tweak it as needed.

                I think it might be cool for people that don’t really drink but sometimes have friends over that do...even though the selection is currently limited. That said, I have no problem with bringing my own and sharing whatever it is I’m fixing that day.

              I would break it during shaking....


                I have this drinkmaker at work, named Olga...(She was born in St. Petersburg)


                WAY outta my price range, but highly desirable, an intriguigin...an she's WAY too friendly fer my own safety's sake...
                Last edited by Mr. Bones; January 24, 2021, 03:58 PM.


                • Attjack
                  Attjack commented
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                  Sounds like a mucher higher caliber of drink maker.

                • Mr. Bones
                  Mr. Bones commented
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                  Oh, so very high caliber, Brother...

                  She's approx my age, an still a SuperModel eliminator, hands down...

                  One could readily light one's cigarette, by simply touchin her epidermis, at any point...

                  She knows me by name, always flirts with me, fawns all over me, offers free merch, etc...

                  Kinda scary, also kinda makes me feel all kinda awkward, an pre-pubescent...

                  (But I always go back fer more lol)
                  Last edited by Mr. Bones; January 24, 2021, 04:45 PM.


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