Neon Fizz (drink recipe- another in the "Neon" family")

*This drink contains lots of different liquors and can be expensive to make. Once you stock up, it will be a party favorite.

Neon Fizz
* 1oz. vodka

* 1 oz. tequila

* 1 oz. gin

* 1 oz. rum (white)

* 1 oz. triple sec

* 5 oz. sour mix (to match total of above liquors)

Look familiar so far? It's the same base as a Long Island Iced Tea. The 5 liquors are also sold in a mix bottle, cheaper than buying all individuals. Just MAKE SURE you don't get the one with cola added.

- instead of Coke, add:

* 2 oz. Blue Maui (Blue Hawaiian) Schnapps ......or until the "neon" color looks good to you

* Generous splash of 7-up or Sprite, maybe 3-4 oz.

Use large (16 oz. preferred, trust me) Parfait or Hurricane Glass, add ice cubes --it will take a while to drink it all, you'll need plenty of ice.