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Dirty martini lovers - which olive juice?

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    Dirty martini lovers - which olive juice?

    So I made a couple of large dirty martinis last night, and I noticed something. Err, rather something reiterated itself to me - I used jarred "California olives" or some such, just a jar I pick up at WalMart, but I typically run out of the juice WELL before the olives. So I thought I might pick up an actual jar of olive juice.

    I don't do martini's particularly often, but the ones I made last night I really enjoyed.

    My tumblers are pretty large, I used to think 10-12 oz, and I consoled myself that I wasn't drinking that much - I just measured, and they're more like 15 oz.

    Anyways, I typically fill them about 2/3 with large ice cubes, then with near-frozen Western Son vodka (same ratio of whiskey for whiskey sours) to the top of the cubes, drop in 3 olives, a couple of teaspoons of olive juice from the jar and some dry vermouth (what's your choice for this, too?) to nearly the top, probably just a couple of ounces of this. Then last night I did a couple of fresh twists from a lemon, peeled off very thinly with a Y-peeler and was able to get zero pith (yay!). And I didn't skin my knuckle like I did a couple of weeks ago with the peeler... that's another story. And I wasn't even drinking. <sigh>

    So I really enjoyed this last night, so much I made a second one.

    Now... learning that my glasses are actually 15 oz, I'm not surprised I was a little... father gone than I expected last night. lol I like my drinks strong. Wife says they are too strong for her - brother-in-law was here the last two weeks and I asked him if he wanted "strong or extra strong", that was how I made them.

    But seriously, all of that long-winded and blathering crap for context, but I'm the only one in my house who will drink a martini, and it has to be dirty, gotta have that little brininess or it isn't tolerable.

    So what Vermouth do you like, and what olive juice is worth ordering? On Amazon, Boscoli occupies 80% of the first page search results, including ALL of the sponsored or "Amazon's choice" results. Dirty Sue is the next one I see the most. Got any favorite picks from some of ya'll?

    The vermouth I have been using is Tribuno Extra Dry and I am guilty of *gasp* keeping it in the cabinet, not the fridge.

    Kinda would like to up my martini game, though.

    I just went back to the "Recent Posts" page and this topic doesn't show up - Huskee or someone, is the Cocktails section excluded from Recent Posts or something?

    Just strange, I thought I'd noticed this before on other things, but I was just curious why this topic doesn't show up.


    • DogFaced PonySoldier
      DogFaced PonySoldier commented
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      OK, never mind - now it is showing, maybe it just was lagging a bit.

    I also am a dirty toony lover. I just buy whatever brand of olive juice they stock at the liquor store. Never notice what the brand is. Not particular about the vermouth either. BUT 15 ouncers? Whoa. Fasten your seatbelt!

    Unfortunatly, I’ve had to quit drinking altogether so it’s been a while for me. So I’ll need to live through your escapades. 🤣🤷‍♂️


    • DogFaced PonySoldier
      DogFaced PonySoldier commented
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      Yeah umm... I didn't realize they were quite that big. lol

      Ain't gonna stop me - but I guess I needa quit lying to myself! Hahaha!

    I haven't had one in months, but yesterday afternoon it just sounded good. My fave: 4 -5 oz of Hendricks gin outta the freezer, a splash (1 - 2 oz) of Cinzano extra dry vermouth, ice cubes to cover, shakennotstirred, pour into tini glass outta the freezer, 2 jumbo Mezzetta olives, and a splash of olive juice from the same jar. Light up a stogie and enjoy whilst inspecting the property with The World Famous Truck Dog at my side.
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    • texastweeter
      texastweeter commented
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      I too enjoy a GIN dirty martini. Most places here use vodka. I just use the juice from the jar of olives.

    Dolin vermouth all the way! I always make a martini in a shaker and stir because the proportions are what make it magical
    or caustic! 🍸🍸🍸i use the juice from my olives, and my olive needs to be stuffed with garlic. Don't give me a pimento olive
    Last edited by MsTwiggy; August 21, 2022, 11:17 AM.


      Divina olives ,,,,pimento,blue cheese,garlic,,,,they have them all,,,
      outstanding quality olive and the brine is perfecto,,,,
      My wife prefers Tito’s,a particular amount of brine,shaken 60 times,frozen hands and pour into a waiting martini glass with 2 olives,,,1 pimento and 1 blue cheese,,,,
      she can do it blind folded,,,,😂🤣😂


        Hmmmm, I can't imagine with bleu cheese. Not sure about that one... but I'm not the biggest bleu cheese fan to begin with.


        • Jfrosty27
          Jfrosty27 commented
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          Oh yeah. Blue cheese stuffed olives in the toony are the bomb! You guys are killing me.

        Anyone else get annoyed when you order a martini and they ask what kind? it's a recipe, look it up bartender.

        If I want a dirty vodka martini or a chocolate martini abomination I would have asked for one.


        • bbqLuv
          bbqLuv commented
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          chocolate martini abomination never tried one, have you?

        I used to drink Beefeater martinis.
        Of course I used to drink Beefeater and tonics with a lime twist like they were going extinct.

        Now, I don't even drink alcohol free beer. Although a nice, ice cold, alcohol free Heineken sounds compelling. But not that compelling.



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