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In Search of: Margarita perfection

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    My favorite recipe:

    Frozen Margaritas:
    1 12 oz can of frozen limeade concentrate (Walmart's house brand is very good)
    8 oz (~⅔ of the empty limeade can) of good reposado tequila such as Hornitos or Heradura 4 oz (~⅓ empty limeade can) orange liqueur such as Gran Marnier or substitute (I use Gran Gala)
    Lots of ice (about 2 cups per batch)

    Empty limeade concentrate into a blender. Fill the empty can ⅔ full with tequila and add Gran Gala to fill the can. Add the combined booze to the blender. Blend briefly to thoroughly combine the base mix. Pour off half (1 can full) of the mix into a separate container and put in the freezer for later. Add about 2 cups of ice cubes (not crushed) to the blender, cover and blend on high until the batch is frozen, smooth and thick (few, if any ice chunks). If necessary or desired, add additional ice cubes 1 or 2 at a time with the blender running (I put them through the hole in the blender lid) to reach desired thickness. Each batch (2 batches per recipe) makes about 4 good sized frozen 'ritas. I serve them in traditional 'rita glasses with a cut straw and garnish with a lime wedge

    1. Using frozen concentrate prevents the drinks from getting watered down in taste or strength from the ice.
    2.Unlike many other frozen 'ritas, these don't separate in the glass into drink and slush.
    3. These drinks are pleasantly tart. They are not overly sweet like many made from prepared mixes.


      Here is a good FROZEN margarita recipe I like. in a blender mix in
      1 can of FROZEN concentrated minute maid lemonade (yes, lemonade, not limeaid as the lime is too tart)
      12oz of good tequila
      6oz of a light lager beer (bud light, not guiness) to give the mix some carbonation
      4oz of gran marnier
      juice from 1-2 limes

      blend it all together and there you go, perfect frozen margarita
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        So, I'll go out on a limb here. I know some will say that it's a waste to use a good tequila because all you taste is the mix. Come over to my house and bring your cheap tequila and I'll make you one with mine and we'll have a taste test. I like Herradura Reposado or Don Julio Anejo, 2 oz. I use Dr. Swami's top self Bone Daddy's mix, it has some pulp in it. Add these to ice in a metal shaker, I add one frozen cube of fresh squeezed lime juice, a half a slice of fresh lime and a half a slice of fresh lemon and shake to a 20 count. Pour into a 19 ounce glass and add a splash of Grand Marnier. I'll put these up against any margarita you've ever had. Click image for larger version  Name:	11182086_972307296143370_6408571702579128898_n.jpg Views:	5 Size:	44.2 KB ID:	1053520
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          One of my favorites that a friend makes, he uses a simple syrup with lime zest in it. I believe he zests 2 limes as the water comes off boil. It’s the simple syrup, fresh lime juice, your favorite blanco tequila, he uses Patron. And Grand Marnier.


            For me, nothing fancy. Just traditional margarita stuff. Simple syrup (or agave syrup if you got it), lime juice, triple sec (or if you have it, Cointreau or Grand Marnier).

            But to me, the secret ingredient is cheap tequila. You do not want that expensive smooth stuff. You want that REALLY heavy "tequila" taste. The stuff that gives you a "tequila face" if you dare do just a shot. When added to a margarita, that very strong flavor puts the mixed drink over the top. Expensive "good" tequila just lacks that kick. It is too smooth.


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              One thing I think I'm learning from this is that everyone has a different expectation. There seems to be a lot of debate on blanco vs reposado... I purchased a bottle of reposado for the first attempts, as that's what we had at Frontera that spurred the idea. but might go for a blanco at the next bottle for comparison.

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              Potkettleblack like I said, try some REALLY rotgut stuff. Not the smooth sipping stuff. But the extra heavy stuff you can smell from across the room.

            First attempt came out great.
            Following the Tres Agaves Fresh Margarita recipe, which was weird because it didn't use a liqueur...
            2 oz Tequila (used Maracame Reposado)
            1 oz Agave Nectar (Tres Agaves, obv)
            1 oz fresh squeezed lime juice

            I dunno that it's perfection, but it was really well balanced, smooth drink, nicely done with a good shake. And easy, given my level of inexperience.

            The journey will continue.


              This is how I do it:

              bucket glass
              Stolichnaya vodka
              bubble water

              combine ingredients and stir with index finger while repeating, "You are a margarita. You are a margarita . . ."

              Drink your margarita.


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                That seems a bit far a field to be a margarita, but you do you.

              I'm just fooling. that's my vodka drink recipe!

              I grew up drinking margaritas at Hussongs in Ensenada (had my first beer there with my pop when I was 16!) so that's what a margarita is to me. Give it a go to see if it's to your liking.INSTRUCTIONS
              1. Rim a margarita glass with salt
              2. Add Hussong’s Silver Tequila, fresh lime juice, orange liqueur, agave nectar and ice into a shaker
              3. Shake and strain into the salt-rimmed margarita glass with fresh ice
              4. Garnish with a lime wheel
              Click image for larger version

Name:	17_OldestBars__HussongsCantina_17-191247725_cbac3b44b7_o.jpg
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                While far from an expert, an not long down from th Hills...

                I find th Heavy application of Tequila to be rather critical, in this particular typea venture...

                Course, natch, y'alls milleage may vary, some...


                  2 parts Tequila
                  1-2 parts lime juice
                  .75 part orange liqueur
                  Simple syrup to taste.

                  If I'm using Cointreau or Gran Mariner i'll use simple syrup or Aguave nectar, with Orange Curaçao or Tripple Sec I usually skip it. the lime juice depends on what kind of limes you're using; Mexican key limes you might need less lime juice, Persian limes you might need more. I usually just stir instead of shake. Tajin rim.

                  Lately we've been liking Altos Reposado for margs, it's inexpensive and tasty. I think we're paying about $25/Liter. I don't even mind it as a sipping tequila.


                    Originally posted by mnavarre View Post
                    The lime juice depends on what kind of limes you're using; Mexican key limes you might need less lime juice, Persian limes you might need more.
                    You are the first to mention the variety of limes, and I think you are on to something. My first iteration used limes that I got at the liquor store. Small, round, I think some kind of Key Lime. Took 3 limes to get 2 oz of lime juice for two cocktails.

                    Last night's iteration used the last of the liquor store limes, and one that I got at the 7-11, which was much larger, paler skin, and a little drier, based on volume. Managed to get the 2 oz from the two limes, with some clever pressing (used a crushed half of the liquor store lime to further press the two halves of the 7-11 lime).

                    The balance to last night's margs was a little off, with the booze shining through a bit stronger. The differences were less ice in the shaker, and the mix sat in the shaker for a bit before getting shaken, due to a miscommunication with the wife. And the lime.

                    Any rate, this is an In Search Of, project, so I didn't expect every cocktail out of the shaker to be a 5* winner out of the gate.

                    We did improve our salt rimming with a trick I found on the The Kitchn.

                    Next evolution there will be using Tajin or lime zest in the salt.


                      Oh yea. I went to Mexico on a cruise, and picked the shore excursion to visit Maya ruins. The tour guide was a member of the Maya tribe. One of the stops was, of course, the tribal trinket shop. While there I could not help but notice the blue agave all over the place. So I said to the dude "I see you cultivate a lot of blue agave, does that mean that maybe you have a secret stash of fermented and distilled goodness around". Of course there was. And other tourists wanted some.

                      So they dragged it out. And of course people just HAD to ask for ice and limes and salt and all that other crap. Keep in mind this is a roadside trinket shop (with neat stuff by the way, lots of tribal art and hand carved stone things and whatnot) with no AC. And you want ice?? Maybe this is why American tourists always get "the look" when abroad?

                      So anyway it comes to my turn, even though I was the one who asked first. Dude asks me if I want ice and limes and salt and sugar and a blender or ice cream machine and I say "no. Neat is fine. No ice, no limes, no salt, just the good stuff".

                      And he said "OK hold on" then vanished and returned with a totally different bottle. With a different color liquid inside. The REAL private reserve stash!! Not the cheap swill they give to idiots who do not know the difference, but the stuff THEY drink. I knew just enough spanish to decipher that information.


                        I did the Jose Cuervo tasting in Mexico (which was a really neat experience.) I wasn't a tequila fan before that trip. Now I have three bottles of tequila in my stash. According to our guide, Cuervo Especial was designed to be used in mixed drinks. Not for drinking neat, on the rocks, etc. Since it is designed to be mixed, it is pretty brutal straight up! For the tasting, we had 1800 but for the margaritas they served, they used Cuervo Especial Gold. Simple traditional recipe they had was 2oz equal parts tequila, triple sec, lime juice, and "natural syrup." I assume agave syrup. But at home I just make a 1:1 simple syrup (with sugar in the raw). The Tajin rim is an outstanding addition. (PS just this past weekend I did birria tacos with Mexican street corn. Tajin was used for the street corn but I also sprinkled it on the tacos when going back for round two.)
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                          This is from a few days back...
                          I remembered having a jalapeño margarita at a restaurant some time ago...the GF had picked a massive amount of Serrano chiles. So I figured...what the heck. Minced a couple up and into the shaker it went. Wasn’t sure I got it right so had to make another. LOL
                          Click image for larger version

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                          Basic tequila, lime, Cointreau or triple sec recipe... Almost certainly made with Hornitos Plata as that’s pretty much a margarita staple around here. Especially if I’m buying by the inch. ;-) For the record, if heat is not your thing...just walk on by. LOL



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