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The new kids of Texas BBQ

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    The new kids of Texas BBQ

    Texas BBQ rubbed with Japanese togarashi? Slathered in Korean gochujang? Smoked sausage stuffed with Mexican Oaxaca cheese and serrano chiles? Here's a taste of the new Texas BBQ in town. What do you think? http://ow.ly/I54e50w4KMh

    My kinda Q! It’ll take some time to learn how to pronounce the names, but the eclectic combo of cultures behind it all sounds fabulous! Very cool!


    • Jerod Broussard
      Jerod Broussard commented
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      Oaxaca- wuh-ha-ku

      I know folks from there. My witness protection program name is Jose Boudreaux from Oaxaca.

    • FireMan
      FireMan commented
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      OK Jose!

    • Huskee
      Huskee commented
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      No way, Jose?

    BBQ is dynamic!! Always changing .. I am doing the same cow here smokin up alll the cow guts n stuff.


      Mention of Harlem Road BBQ. It's a little joint near my house, ok but not fantastic. The guy does do some exotic stuff, I do like his lamb.

      I've heard of Blood Bros. in Bellaire but not been there. I'll have to make the journey for lunch and report back. Thanks for the article David, those are joints literally in my backyard !!!


      • nvgraham
        nvgraham commented
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        I've been to Blood Brothers several times and I absolutely love what those guys are doing with BBQ right now. Creative, delicious and super high quality while still knocking it out of the park with the traditional stuff - brisket, etc.

      • Troutman
        Troutman commented
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        Awesome, look forward to going there soon. It's about 15 mins from my office in Greenway !!

      Fantastic that the newer-immigrant flavors are working their way into Texas restaurant 'cue. Mashups like these already exist in home cooking. But the hurdle is high for acceptance by professional chefs, who won't see any point in becoming influencers for it if the dining-out market isn't interested.

      I remember an article around twenty years ago about Asian Americans in Texas routinely adding bacon to stir-fries. I showed it to a vegetarian friend who didn't get the point. To her, meat was meat.


        Since traditional BBQ is a mish mash of cultural traditions, I think it's pretty cool that continues to evolve with new to America flavors and immigrants. If it truly is the original American cuisine, shouldn't it reflect the nation as it is, in perpetual evolution? Yes, say I.

        But folks in Texas thought college me was "interesting," which I learned in my sophomore year was more of an insult than a compliment.


          Realizing Blood Bros. was only 15 minutes from work I ventured there for lunch. It's in a traditional strip center, kind of unassuming. Rough wood walls and cedar tables, rusty corrugated tin ceiling, you get the picture. Looks and feels like a traditional bbq place but as mentioned it's more, I'd say fusion plus contemporary.

          It's in an inner city suburb called Bellaire which has seen a lot of changes of over the years. Quite a few Asians now live there and the largest Chinatown is located not too far away. So definitely an Asian/Viet influence on this bbq. I looked at the traditional stuff, looked good, but I wanted something a little more cutting edge, show me your wares !!!

          Had as a starter the sausage of the day. They call it a gyros sausage. Said it was primarily beef with some lamb and feta cheese. Came with a side of tzatziki mayo. Very tasty, definitely had a gyro flavor component....

          Click image for larger version

Name:	blood bros gyros sausage w tzatziki.jpg
Views:	215
Size:	121.2 KB
ID:	742625

          For my second choice I had one of the other off menu items of the day, Asian steamed buns. Instead of the traditional pork belly in this sandwich, these "buns" came with brisket burnt ends. Two of the three again were really tasty, the third had hard charred pieces only barely edible. The buns were traditional Asian in flavor so a very interesting combo....

          Click image for larger version

Name:	blood bros burnt ends steamed buns.jpg
Views:	191
Size:	126.4 KB
ID:	742626

          I really like what these guys are doing. Houston is becoming a food mecca of sorts and this is part of the reason why. Taking traditional Asian foods and fusing them with Texas barbecue, and doing it quite well, is part of the reason why.

          I'd give this place a B+ for overall food quality, a B- for overall bang for the buck ($20 for what you see + drink) and A+ for uniqueness and inventive fare. I'll go back again, it's close enough to me. Try their traditional stuff next time.


          • mountainsmoker
            mountainsmoker commented
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            Nice report Troutman. Look forward to your follow on.

          Originally posted by davejoachim View Post
          Texas BBQ rubbed with Japanese togarashi? Slathered in Korean gochujang? Smoked sausage stuffed with Mexican Oaxaca cheese and serrano chiles? Here's a taste of the new Texas BBQ in town. What do you think? http://ow.ly/I54e50w4KMh
          I love Korean and other Asian flavors mixed with my BBQ. I first heard here about a recipe for Korean pulled pork, from over at the Barbecue Bible, and it is now one of my favorite recipes. In fact, I just bought some more gochujang for making that, and Korean fried chicken wings.



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