We really like Terry Black's spicy BBQ sauce (available from HEB in Austin), so we thought we'd try the real thing.

I zeroed in on the brisket & beef ribs (natch). I'd put the brisket behind Franklin's and the beef ribs behind Louie Muellers, (not sure the meat is quite the same Prime quality, and attention to detail on making every slice excellent is a little less) but for a place you can get to in 10 minutes from downtown Austin, that will seat you at 8pm with no waiting, it was really, really good (That kind of volume and timing flexibility has its drawbacks). They use more variety in their rub (not just salt & pepper like Franklin's or I think LM), so the taste is a little more eclectic (I'm not sure I like it better, but I bought some of their rub to try at home). Prices are about 10% lower than Franklin's or LM. For sides, I liked green beans were fine, and the slaw was okay, although pretty heavy on the mayo for my taste. (Lots of others I didn't try). Traditional pickles, onions, and bread for the taking. Sauce comes in Original, Sweet, and Spicy (my favorite). Big place (not as big as the Salt Lick, but big:-)) Has indoor and outdoor seating. Meat comes in 1/3, 1/2, or 1 pound, except beef ribs, and there are some combos you can order. Brisket is king, and is cut in front of you so you can ask for your preference on flat/point, etc.

I'm sure we'll go there again at some point as it was excellent and is convenient. But if I only had 1 day and plenty of time, I'd make the pilgrimage to one of the more famous places and suffer the time & lines. Call me spoiled!