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Louis Mueller beef ribs via Goldbelly

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    Louis Mueller beef ribs via Goldbelly

    I love beef ribs and make my own, both the dino type and plate ribs. But I've always wanted to try the huge ribs from Louis Mueller near Austin, who are reputed to have the best beef ribs in the country.

    I succumbed to a Goldbelly discount combined with another $20 offer after abandoning my shopping cart. Still, the cost was $185 for a 4 lb portion that turned out to be two bones. Mueller charges around $28/lb onsite, so I'm paying about $70 more for the Fedex overnight. Cheaper than flying to Austin.

    They arrived yesterday well packed in a foam cooler and ice, still frozen. The ribs were well wrapped and sealed in a plastic bag. Today I made them, following their instructions to put the sealed bag into a large pot of boiling water for 25 minutes. I should have left it in a lot longer as the inside was not hot enough. But I ate slices from the outside and they warm.

    So what's the verdict? Yes, they were the largest ever, and the seasoning was terrific- heavy on the pepper with a soft crusty black coating. The meat was very good, although parts were a bit chewy, perhaps undercooked before being shipped.

    Had a good beefy taste and enjoined it very much. Improved with some Black Swan BBQ sauce to counter the slightly dry interior. I'd rate them an 8.5/10. In fairness, they are probably better at the restaurant. I've used Goldbelly for a few things, including pastrami from Katz's and generally they do a good job, but definitely something is lost in transit. Would I do it again? No. Would I recommend it to others? Not at this cost.

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    Clean Rib Bone,
    "Bone of my bones" How sweet it is.
    Good write-up, advice is well taken.
    I noticed you did not pair it with PBR, and that speaks volumes.


      I know it's not the same as getting the food directly in the restaurant. But everything I've ordered thus far have been solid base hits in the right direction.

      The "it may be a bit pricier than in-person, but it's still cheaper than flying to [destination]" is reasonable justification to use Goldbelly. I'm a fan.

      (Try the Pike Place Chowder. It's pretty darn close to what you'd get in Seattle)


        If you ever find yourself in central Texas it's worth stopping in to Mueller's. I've been there twice and it's a really cool place to experience, as is the beef rib.


          I gotta say the ribs look excellent and make me excited for my Porter Road order where I am getting some. I appreciate the thoughtful review too.

          Couple questions though:

          1) What do you think makes for an outstanding beef/Dino rib? We have all kinds of analysis on brisket here but a bit less on how to create an amazing beef rib. What makes Mueller’s ribs stand out?

          We ran the numbers quite a few times on Goldbelly brisket I think the premium was like $30 or so and essentially covered shipping. A bit disappointing that these ribs are a much higher premium.



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