I've been following Mighty Quinn's ever since they began selling BBQ out of the back of a stick burner in the Brooklyn outdoor food market, Smorgasburg. That brisket sandwich rated an A-, smoky, barky, meaty and juicy.

From that initial success three friends (one classically restaurant trained) have opened a series of restaurants with a modern aesthetic. Small menu, lighter sides, emphasis on homemade and simplicity. At first their meat quality suffered as they made the transition to commercial smokers (mostly J&R convection wood burners). Now the food is pretty good, though not as "mighty" as the hype indicates.

The ribs are tasty, smoked to the bone and served dry. Only one table sauce, but some finishing salt brightens the bark. Juicy and just pulls off the bone. Sausage is also juicy but with indistinct flavors. Brisket lightly smoke and tender, but no where near as excellent as the original packer carved on the Brooklyn waterfront.

Sides are very good- from the spicy meat-filled beans to the pickled peppers and celery. No cornbread, but every meat available as a platter or sandwich.

Solid B+