My wife and I are in Costa Rica for 3 1/2 weeks, home on the 20th of April. Had ribs at a place in La Fortuna, and Stopped at a Q place in Limon called "Tres Hermanas BBQ" while driving from La Fortuna to Nosara.

Side note: this is an amazing country, safe, full of natural beauty and wildlife with friendly, helpful people. I cannot say enough great things about this place, if you want to do tropical that's exotic yet still safe and easy to navigate come here. We have been surfing and doing Yoga everyday while eating fresh fruit for breakfast. Outstanding. Now, as for the Q:

In La Fortuna, a place called La Choza de Laurel serves typical Costa Rican cuisine. While there for lunch I spotted the ribs roasting over fire in an interesting set up (1st pic). Of course I had to need it up and ask what kind of wood they use, and the answer is guava. The ribs aren't on the menu, so I asked for them specially when we went back for dinner a few nights later. The next pic is of me eating them, the texture was excellent, you could tell they were roasted over fire and not boiled. Not much smoke flavour, but the sauce they were doused in was tart and sweet and delicious. I highly recommend if you are ever in La Fortuna.

We went hiking in Tenorio Volcano national park, where a local was grilling pork skewers over charcoal (3rd pic). They cost $2 each and were excellent. Seasoned with only salt with onion slices also on the skewer, my wife and I each got another after the first one. There was also a guy frying up chicharones at the same place (4th pic). I think I need to acquire a taste for Chicharones, the meat on the underside was delicious, but the skin was really crunchy, too crunchy for my taste but for $1 a plate it was worth it. Served with lime slices and coarse salt.

Then, on the drive from La Fortuna to Nosara, we stopped at Tres Hermanas BBQ in Limon. It won't let me upload anymore photos, so I will continue in another post right away.
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