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Las Vegas steak recommendations?

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    Las Vegas steak recommendations?

    Anyone have a recommendation for a steak place in Vegas? we'll be there in a couple weeks, just wondering about closings, etc in the aftermath of C19

    I got no info that is so recent that it includes Covid info. But,

    SW Steakhouse at The Wynn is fantastic, and the restaurant itself is drop dead beautiful.

    C.U.T. at The Palazzo is one of the best meals we’ve ever had.

    Old Homestead in AC is one of our favorite restaurants. They have a location in Caesar’s Palace. We haven’t been, though.

    Those are the places we’ve been to. But there are probably 50 more choices!


      I used to really like Binion's steak house on Fremont Street. I haven't been in many years though. I've never had a bad meal at Smith & Wollensky's and their steaks and chocolate chip cookies are quite memorable.


        Here's my favorite steak places in Vegas. Not sure how the pandemic, lockdowns, etc may have impacted them. They are all on the pricey end. Also, there is now a Momofuku in The Cosmopolitan .... one of my fave places in NYC, bet it's great in Vegas, too.

        Vic & Anthony's @ The Golden Nugget on Fremont - This is the sister restaurant of Vic & Anthony's in Houston and it is really all that and a bag of chips

        Stripsteak @ Mandalay Bay - great steak place and they treat you right

        Tom Collichio's Craftsteak @ MGM Grand - The ribeye here is killer, everything that a steakhouse steak should be and then some.


        • das85
          das85 commented
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          Agree Craftsteak.. Bazaar Meat is also an impressive experience

        Las Vegas, be careful. I went there 47 years ago and came back with my wife.


        • ChiefK
          ChiefK commented
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          oh, I already have one of those🤣🤣🤣

        I like BobTaylors, plus you get to see different parts of Vegas. If you need to tie it to a casino experience, the Santa Fe is nearby, but it's like 30 minutes from the Strip depending on traffic.

        Bob Taylor's Original Ranch House 702-645-1399 (bobtaylorsranchhouse.com)


        • ChiefK
          ChiefK commented
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          this is great! as others below have said, its doubtful you'd get a bad steak or dining experience in a major hotel/casino. I should have been more clear, I like places off the beaten path.

        I was gonna recommend Rosemary’s but a quick search shows they didn’t make it after the COVID lockdowns. It’s a shame, ‘‘twas delicious food. It was a bit pricey, but we enjoyed the whole experience when we went.


          Wife and I really like Delmonico Steakhouse in the Venetian. Been a couple of years though


          • Dewesq55
            Dewesq55 commented
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            I really like Delmonico's in Lower Manhattan.

          There is a place off the strip called Echo and Rig. Excellent cuts of meat and they usually have some good stuff beyond the standard ribeye and filet.


            Any place that will comp you a good steak


              I will give an opinion that nearly any high end steakhouse in any nice strip hotel will be a good steakhouse experience. There are not very many bad steakhouses in existence, and Vegas doesn't really have any of them where tourists can find them. I suspect any place on Fremont Street would be good as well, but the main drag of the main strip will likely have the best. As you can see from the posts above, no one seems to have a complaint about any place, and everyone has a good experience at multiple places.

              Don't worry about hitting a peak experience in Vegas. It's all great. It's Disneyworld for adult pursuits, which includes restaurants.


              • Mosca
                Mosca commented
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                I would 100% agree. When we are there, we always get selection paralysis. But everything we pick, for any meal and any style, has always been great. Even the casual places.
                Last edited by Mosca; August 6, 2021, 08:45 AM.

              We just enjoyed Gordan Ramsey Steak (Paris) - had the Wagyu ribeye and the Wellington - superb.


                Thank you all for the recommendations. I wasn't clear in my original post, but I was looking for a place that was more "where the locals go". Pretty much any high end restaurant at the major hotel/casinos will deliver a really good if not great steak and experience.

                So, I drug my sons, father and mother in law, my wife and my brother in law to Bob Taylor's Original Ranchouse and Supper Club. I mean, who doesn't enjoy that leap into the unknown?

                It wasn't a high end experience. It reminded me of a small farm town supper club my grandparents would occasionally go to.

                But, 4 of us had steak, and the other three had seafood. started with lobster bisque that was delicious, and my wife said her scallops were great. The steaks were every bit as good as I've had at Ruth's Cris, but for a lot less money.

                The only disappointment was the wine list/whisky selection. That's something easily fixed, but the place was packed, so maybe they don't need high end bourbons, scotch, or red wines for their clientele.

                In any case, we had a lot of fun, the steaks and seafood were raved over by all concerned, and the whole meal for 7 of us was just over 400 after tip

                Thanks again for the recommendations everyone, I now have a list for our next trip to Vegas.


                • ItsAllGoneToTheDogs
                  ItsAllGoneToTheDogs commented
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                  Didn't see this til now, but nothing I hate more than giving out a good recommendation and then people having a bad experience. So glad that you liked it. I don't drink liquor so I was content with their beer selection.

                Not steakhouses, and I know you've now been and gone, but next time anyone has a few days in Vegas here are a couple of must do local eating places. First is a cajun place called the Oyster Bar. It is literally an oyster bar in the middle of the Palace Station casino. First come, first served and always with a line of folks waiting for the yummy goodness. I typically have an early morning flight from Ohio to Vegas, drop my luggage off at the hotel, and hit the Oyster Bar about 9:00 am local time (because it's noon to me). If I'm lucky there's no wait. So good.

                The best italian I have ever had is a place about 20 minutes off the strip called Capo's Speakeasy. Tremendous environment, excellent food, and "Frank Sinatra" is always playing live on the piano.

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