Hands down the best pulled pork (from a sit-down restaurant, at least) in the Twin Cities. Unlike the pulled pork sandwiches that have become ubiquitous on many local restaurant menus, this is truly pit smoked, and most importantly, is served "naked" - not on a bun, with sides of sweet pickles, rolls, and sauce only on the side. And it hasn't been rewarmed. A multitude of beers on tap as well. My friends who hail from Texas rank Surley's brisket the best they've tasted outside of Texas. I have to confess that I've never experienced Texas brisket, but Surley's is very good, and certainly better than what I've tasted at some other Twin Cities "barbeque" establishments. My praise is somewhat muted for the brisket just because, as a matter of personal preference, I like pulled pork more than brisket.