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$65 Shortrib sandwich from Joy by Seven Reasons in Chevy Chase, Md. (from today's Washington Post)

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    $65 Shortrib sandwich from Joy by Seven Reasons in Chevy Chase, Md. (from today's Washington Post)

    Two pounds of short ribs encased in seemingly a loaf of ciabatta, stabbed in the center with a knife, has that effect on a table. Open wide, like a python, if you treat it like a regular-size sandwich, which this definitely isn’t, starting with its $65 price tag. Before it’s packed into the ciabatta slathered with plantain butter, the beef is cured for a day and cooked to succulence in a water bath (sous-vide) for 16 hours. Black plastic gloves accompany the spectacle, amenities that allow recipients to tackle the dish, served with rich veal demi-glace, however they want with a minimum of mess — at least on themselves. (The two-fisted sandwich can easily feed three or four, although executive chef Jose IgnacioUseche says he’s seen individuals dispatch the whole enchilada, so to speak.) Even if you decide to use a knife, the substantial filling of smoked cheddar cheese, pickled onion and fried shallots rushes out from the house-baked bread, creating a debris field on the plate.
    At Joy by Seven Reasons in Chevy Chase, the team behind some stylish restaurants, led by Venezuelan chef Enrique Limardo, makes yet another splash.

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    That looks like it would feed everyone at a Meatup!


      I would buy that. Yum.


        At some of the Texas BBQ joints I've visited that rib can cost $85 bucks a la carte.


          Our local BBQ place, 1701 BBQ, makes a wonderful shortrib sandwich. It is the most expensive thing on the menu at $25. It has the meat of two ribs. They use regular chuck ribs, not dino ribs. I think their ribs are better than Central Texas dino ribs mostly because there is more bark to meat ratio and thus better flavor throughout. The big Central Texas dino ribs are thick, fatty, decadent, succulent; and they taste like pot roast. Not to say that they are bad but the smaller ribs, in my opinion, are more flavorful.
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          • BBQPhil
            BBQPhil commented
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            I agree with you. I ordered Mueller's from GoldBelly a couple of years ago and they were almost uneatable due to being so fat-laden..

          • 58limited
            58limited commented
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            I've had Mueller's a couple of times - some of the best Central Texas dino ribs I've had but my description above applies to them.
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          • CaptainMike
            CaptainMike commented
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            And Louie Mueller's dino rib is $85 bucks.

          What? We talkin beef Wibs in a bun with smokin cheese & fried onions? I mean who gives a rip how much, sounds & looks outstanding!


            I laughed at first at the cost. Then I remembered I just paid $130 for a family platter of bbq at Valentina’s TexMex BBQ.

            given the size of that thing, it’s actually not that bad and would probably feed 3-4 people if you add in a few more fries and maybe coleslaw to help cut the richness! So, that’s not to bad…..

            let us know how it is when you try it!


              I've got the meat sweats just looking at it
              But sign me up for one


                2 fisted sammy for sure!


                  Wow. Short ribs are usually not my thing, but I will have to check this out. Right around the corner from where both my parents and in-laws live, should be easy enough to find an opportunity in the next year or so...will post back after trying it!



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