If you're a barbeque lover, make a trip to The Joint. The title, '100 Mile BBQ' infers that eating here would be worth a road trip of 100 miles! And by BBQ, I mean an eating experience that is truly traditional, cultural, and of course, delicious.

We were lucky enough to be in NOLA for my daughter's wedding. The Joint is located in the Bywater District and was within walking distance from the B&B where we stayed. The menu is a unique one full with bbq fare with a twist. A decent sized bar with a big beer selection. Prices are extremely reasonable - for example, my pulled pork sandwich with two sides was $9. Seating is botth indoor & outdoor and ordering is strictly counter style. The place was always clean & the service was friendly & first rate.

We ate here twice in 4 days and each time it was truly special. The first trip to The Joint was with 6 of us for a late lunch. Every plate served was fresh and delicious. Meals were delivered quickly. One couple ordered a pulled pork plate with one extra side and the portions were big enough for them have leftovers. I had pulled pork with greens as a side. The pork - perfectly cooked with mild flavor and served 'nekkid' so that sauce can be added later. The greens were so unique - a little sweeter than others but packed with fresh flavor. The second trip there was for take out garden salads and some cheesy grits. In my humble opinion, their house salad dressing is the best I ever had! I can't even describe the taste.The grits were perfect too - great texture & taste!

The preceding words do not befit The Joint. I ain't braggin, but I have had BBQ in every state south of the Mason-Dixon line. And this place is in my top 3 for sure!