Rudy's is a BBQ chain from Texas that presents a 'roadhouse' feel with picnic tables and BBQ served on butcher paper. The atmosphere is OK, though it does feel like a professional interior designer Googled 'Texas bbq' and then slapped together this place based on pictures they saw. It just feels a little forced and fake.

On two visits I have tried the 'cutters choice' brisket, the moist brisket, the pulled pork, and the baby back ribs.

My largest complaint is the baby back ribs: the membrane was left on. The crust on the baby backs was weak and did not contain much flavor, in fact the ribs needed sauce to have any kind of flavor. That brings me to the next issue, the sauces. Rudy's has only two flavors of sauce and they are both Texas style. While Texas style sauce is fine, especially in a Texas style BBQ joint, I felt like a sweeter sauce option (KC or Memphis style) would have been appropriate for the pork options. Oh well.

The brisket, both the cutters choice and the moist cuts, were a little dry and did not have a strong and bold beefy flavor as I expected. Again the crust was forgettable.

The pulled pork was underwhelming and needed sauce for good flavor, here again we run into the Texas style sauce not really fitting in with a pulled pork sandwich. At least the pulled pork was not dry.

It is easy to spend between $20-$30 for one person to eat here if they have a good appetite. On one visit I had my two children and in laws with us and we easily spent over $100.

Rudy's faces the same problem every BBQ joint does: the realities of production versus the realities of what it takes to make high quality BBQ. Rudy's favors the production side. I got the impression that all of the meat I was eating was prepared hastily at higher temperatures versus the 225 low and slow approach. The fact that they didn't even bother to remove the membrane from the baby backs speaks to this as well.

My overall opinion is that Rudy's is a great option for those that, to be frank, don't know any better. Ignorance is bliss and one coworker of mine from the pacific northwest thinks that Rudy's is great. The lines are always long so there is definitely a market for this type of restaurant.