This thermometer here is on sale for $12.50 off the regular price and $17.50 off the retail price, Thats about 22% off I think. This is the lowest price I've ever seen it at. I use this thermometer and it is great. You wont get 500ft range if you live in a city but I get connection throughout everywhere but the garage. I do occasionally lose connection for a few seconds but it auto reconnects.

There is a review from amazingribs and it gave it a silver medal.

Temperature seems accurate and responsive. The app isn't amazing but it seems good and doesn't crash like the review says, they must have fixed it. The cooking estimate doesn't work at all with anything that has a stall. It has a time temperature graph in the app for each probe you have plugged in. You can set custom meat temperature settings and customize other things too. Overall I think its really good for even the full price. I take naps on long cooks and I use its -5F pretemp warning to wake myself up.