Goldbelly (that wonderful partner of regional restaurants, allowing nationwide sales of local products) is having their annual "up to 30% off" BBQ sale.

If there are some regional BBQ restaurants that you've been meaning to try but just haven't been able to road-trip to see what they're like in person, this is almost the next best thing. I ordered a Franklin BBQ brisket through Goldbelly, and it was fantastic! (Sure, it was a bit of a pricey way to get some - but was still cheaper than flying to Austin and waiting in a 4-6 hour line for meaty-goodness. Plus, leftovers at home!)

On the Goldbelly sale list is BBQ from the following:
  • Bludso (LA)
  • Central BBQ (Memphis)
  • Big Bob Gibson (Decatur AL)
  • Peg Leg Porker (Nashville)
  • Louie Mueller (Taylor TX)
  • Meat Mitch (Kansas City)
  • Kings (Kinston NC)
  • Derek Allan (Fort Worth)
  • Old 300 (Blanco)
  • Snow's (Lexington TX)
  • Melissa Cookston (Horn Lake MS)
  • .... and more....

Order up. Sale runs this weekend, ends on Monday.