From OBR on June 3rd, 2019

Partners, Sponsors and Supporters,

We had a busy last 3 days. Two disaster deployments as well as an event for our non-disaster programs. Below is a recap since last Friday.

The KC area deployment was in Linwood Kansas. We served a total of 2000 meals Saturday and Sunday. Local churches are taking over feeding starting tomorrow. Thanks to all the volunteers that helped fulfill our mission.

The Dayton Ohio Deployment is still going strong. Our volunteers on the ground provided 4675 meals Sunday. A three day total of 10,810. We project we will serve meals in the area through Wednesday or Thursday. The utilities are starting to come back on line, so we will start to really monitor our numbers and work our exit plan.

The flood waters In Oklahoma and Arkansas are receding in the north and are about a 6 day difference to the southern portion of the states. We have heavy rains forecasted for the area that is already seeing major flooding. We will continue to monitor the potential need for a deployment to these areas.

Additionally, this weekend we had a non-disaster event as part of our Breaking Bread Tour. The Tour across the southern US is promoting what we will do to impact communities outside disasters. We call our non-disaster programs the Always Serving Project. We were in Hammond, LA where we spent 2 weeks in August of 2016 serving over 313,000 meals. On Saturday we served the one meal that matter to first responders and those in need of a hot meals 7,200 times.

I’m very proud of our teams serving over 20,000 meals from last Friday through Sunday in 3 different communities.

Pictures from the weekend.

Linwood KS:

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Trotman, OH

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Hammond, LA

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