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Fireboard Drive V2 Probe issues - Customer Service test.

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    Fireboard Drive V2 Probe issues - Customer Service test.

    I'm having some issues with my fireboard probes.

    On saturday's cook, my ambient probe was reading 750+ degrees, which meant that it wouldn't kick the fan on.

    I pulled the meat probe out to use in Channel 1, and it read 250. I used the meat probe for the pit temp the rest of the cook, and left the ambient probe on the grate as well.
    Consistently, the ambient probe ready 750, while the meat probe controlling the fan kept everything at a 250 degree temp.

    So, the cook turned out fine, but it seems that my ambient probe is shot.

    Currently, I have all 3 probes plugged in and sitting on my kitchen counter. My kitchen is 73 degrees.
    Ambient probe is reading 756!!!!! Both meat probes are reading 105 (30 degrees too high)

    Confirmed that all were still set to 100k Thermistor, like they should be.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	Prob es.jpg Views:	0 Size:	306.1 KB ID:	898665

    The unit and probes are 2 months old. I know that probes go out, but they shouldn't go out this soon.

    I have sent an email to Fireboard customer support as well as sent my device logs.

    We will see how they remedy the situation.
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    Have you tried putting them in your oven at ~ 250°? The whole probe and wire. Sometimes they get a bit of moisture in them and that can throw the readings off.
    Leave 'em in the oven long enough to make sure any moisture has evaporated.


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      I will give that a shot. I did just put the ambient probe in some ice water, and it still read 755.4.
      That's some hot ice water.

    I have had no issues with my V2. I went back and looked at all my Fireboard emails that I rcvd for the FB11.
    Here is one concerning probes. Pretty sure you have done this. https://docs.fireboard.io/troubleshooting/probes.html
    I had one issue with the FB11 and we did a factory reset over the phone. That reset is published for for the FB11 but can not find it for the V2.


    • BFlynn
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      That's helpful. I've done those things. Appreciate you posting it.

    RonB you wash it under running water or submerge it while cleaning it the last time? Like @ RonB said it very well could have shorted out on ya? If it's that new I would think Fireboard would work with you on it.


      No, I've just cleaned it with a soapy sponge, as per the instructions.

      They emailed me back within 45 minutes. So that's good. They sent the same link to Probe Questions as tiewunon .
      Gave them all an ice bath and the meat probes read about 38 degrees. Not the 1.2 degree accuracy range advertised, but close enough for rock and roll.

      The ambient probe still read 756. Ive I moved it, or took it out, it would momentarily read something between 250 - 450, and then go back to 756.

      Did the hot water test and both meat probes read 211. So I think they're ok.

      The ambient probe would read between 208-215 if I held it EXACTLY vertical. Even the slightest tilt and would go back to 756.

      WHILE I was typing this, they emailed and said they could replace the probe.

      So, I'm a little disappointed to have a probe go out so soon, but they're making it right, AND responded WAY faster than I expected.


        I do not think you did anything wrong. I am betting it was suspect from the git go. Your cook or cooks that you used it with success most likely did it in. In fact most likely it was reading a wrong temp. Fireboard in my opinion makes a decent probe compared to the other controllers I have and their probes.
        With one of my other controllers (Flameboss) I had the pit probe and fan DOA on delivery. They made it right.
        I have had great success with my Fireboards but I like my Smobot the best.
        I hope you get your new probe quickly and your fireboard works like a champ.


          They're customer service has been great.
          I'll probably buy some of the competition probes anyway.

          ​​​​​​I mean, what good is a 6 channel thermo-meter, if you only have 3 probes.

          In the mean time, I can make do with 2.....and break out the ol 732 if I need an extra measurement



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