I recently purchased a Weber 26" (love it!!) and of course pimped my ride with the usual accessories like the obligatory Pit Viper fan port. My first two cooks using the fan and my Fireboard went off without incident. I did notice it took a bit longer to get up to temperature than in the 22" but that was to be expected given the additional volume.

My last two cooks; however, didn't go as smoothly. Generally I cook at around 275* for most of my extended cooks and I found the last couple of times that the fan ran at 100% and struggled a bit to maintain the 275*. There was a little bit of wind during one of the cooks but otherwise nothing out of the ordinary weather wise.

Usually start with about a dozen briquettes in the SNS with a full load of unlit in the remainder. Again same setup as always. I keep the bottom vents closed and regulate the top vent, which was 100% open for the last two cooks. The only thing I didn't try, which I'm sure someone will mention, is cracking open the bottom vents to let in additional air. That may be the trick.

My question to the group, has anyone tried using the Pit Bull fan on larger Kettles? I called BBQ Guru and they advised against it. They claimed it would overshoot my temps. I actually find that hard to believe since the Fireboard modulates the output so the fan doesn't just turn on or off. I would think the larger fan would struggle less and provide a more even temperature result.

Before I go spend $60 for a fan I may not need, I'm going to try and open my bottom vents on my next cook. Just curious if anyone has tried the larger Pit Bull fan on their kettles.