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Thermoworks service rocks`

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    Thermoworks service rocks`

    Have to give props to Thermoworks. Turned on my Smoke base station and it read 101F and 40F on both probes... but the probes weren't in. Disconnecrted the batteries, put spares in and it booted to a blank screen. Uh oh....

    After a couple of troubleshooting emails over the weekend (yes, they replied on the weekend. Within an hour) they decided to just send me a new base station. For free.

    THAT is how you treat customers.



      Customer service is way too often ignored when it seems so simple to me.


        Thats how it's done by a good business/company. They make you "Want Them". You feel wanted you keep purchasing and spreading the good word.


          That’s great! They’ll probably get several new customers because of that.....just from here. To answer your emails within an hour on the weekend, awesome also! It’s a shame more companies aren’t like that.


          • rickgregory
            rickgregory commented
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            Yeah, I ran into this when I was set to smoke the chuckie I posted about in SUWYC on Saturday and figure that I might as well fire off an email so they could deal with it Monday and boom, had a reply. Kinda floored me.

          Since I have started smoking and bbq about 15 years ago, my number one choice has always been ThermoWorks. I have other brands but have always come back to my ThermoWorks products. I’ve had a few times where customer service was needed and they have always come through with a solution. The products are top notch and would always recommend them. I currently have the Thermopen, the Therompop, the Smoke, Chef Alarm and the Signal with Bellows. I have also the K type Thermocouple ThermaQ as well. I run a smokehouse stick burner, WSM, kettle and Oklahoma Joe. I use a few of the thermometers in the kitchen as well. Great product and service.


            I'll resurrect another old thread to toss my 2 cents in regarding Thermoworks customer service!

            I just received back my Thermopen "Classic" that was getting long in tooth, and no longer reliably turned on when you opened the probe. To be honest, it had acted up ever since my daughter in law "helped" me by washing it. In a sink full of dishes. Hint: the classic model is NOT waterproof! I suspect that it had corrosion that led to the switch that turns it on eventually failing. Anyway, I sent it off a little over a week ago, and for a $35 service fee, it came back looking like a brand new one. It has the same serial number, but is in a new case, with none of the 5 years worth of scratches and blemishes, and works like a champ! Even has a new calibration certificate!

            Two years ago I had issues with my Smoke pairing with the dedicated remote - it would only work with the Smoke Gateway. They had me send it in, and they sent it back with a new dedicated remote. No charge as it was under warranty.

            About 6 months ago, some of you may recall I "melted" the face of my Smoke by setting a hot grate on it. Sent it off, expecting to pay a fee for a new case, and Thermoworks fixed it and put it in a new case for free.

            Outstanding customer service, and it will keep me buying their products for many years to come.


              Not only is their customer service great, but when ya order the jelly beans, they always include some type of cookin' product.


              • jfmorris
                jfmorris commented
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                They even include those with stuff they service and return to you.

              • surfdog
                surfdog commented
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                I’ve noticed that. Heck, even Jelly Belly doesn’t do that! Go figure. O_o


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