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Suggestions on a non stick fry pan

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    I like cast iron.


      I've never had much luck with non-stick. I'm with a lot of you, I buy the cheapo Tefal and just throw them to the curb when they wear out. My expensive non-stick didn't fair much better. I've converted to one of three types generally; CI, enameled CI and stainless. I also have a carbon steel pan and wok which work well too.

      I guess I'm still hoping that someone will figure out the non-stick holy grail. Has anyone tried or know how successful Hex Clad is? I know their pans are very expensive. A 12" skillet with glass lid will set you back like $200. Anyone know? Anyone? Bueller?


      • grantgallagher
        grantgallagher commented
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        I dunno if i could claim solved...but i bought a caraway frying pan about a year and a half ago and its still like new. I wouldnt call it cheap and disposable at 95 bucks but so far its been great.

      Like a couple others, we've also been using the Greenpan Ceramic non-stick pans. Not overly expensive and usually find them at target. Cheap enough if they last a couple years we can justify replacing them. What I like about them is first, not teflon, second when something does happen it seems to scratch versus chip and flake away (at least so far in our experience). I think we've had one of our about 3-4 years now though. I tossed one of the smaller ones that I scorched the daylight out of and couldn't get clean though after trying several different things.

      Curious on the cast iron with glass cooktop comments? Have some of you scratched your cooktop with CI? I don't use cast iron often, but occasionally on ours. Our cooktop was already scratched a little but I haven't noticed anything new. However, been thinking about replacing with induction and if there's a good risk of scratching it with cast iron, it might be more worthwhile to have someone run a gas line as I don't want to be afraid to use cast iron with the new range when we do finally get one.


      • jfmorris
        jfmorris commented
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        Just don't SLIDE the cast iron around at all on the smooth cooktop - and set it down gently. I think that is how it gets damaged. Although, my parents new house had warnings against use of cast iron on the stove top, so they restrict their old CI to the side burner of my dad's Weber Spirit grill these days. Maybe thermal differences between glass and CI could cause a problem, and crack the glass if they cool/heat at different rates?

      I bought this one based on the Serious Eats Article linked above. It is heavy aluminum. I like it very much. I am coming off old Cuisinart non-stick that was very expensive but didn't last. I am now definitely in the non-stick is disposable camp.


      "I'm the last person to advise buying cheap stuff just for the sake of cheapness. I've invested in some fairly pricey kitchen equipment over the years, from high-quality enameled cast iron to top-notch Japanese knives; in almost every case, I've come to the conclusion that, while the initial purchase stings a bit, you usually make up for it when you're buying tools that can last a lifetime. Spread out over years of use, an item's high up-front cost can start to seem downright economical. But not in the case of nonstick cookware. No, when it comes to nonstick, I say go cheap or go home."


        A well-seasoned carbon steel pan is virtually non-stick


          I was recently gifted a Ninja Foodi Neverstick pan. Its sells for about $50, which normally would have put it over my price point on a non-stick pan since like the posts above state they are basically disposable. Even the high cost ones will wear out after a year or two of normal use even if you take excellent care of them. Cast iron and stainless steel I will spend a lot more on because they will last past my lifetime and be handed down to my kids lol. any way back to the Ninja, i have to say i love that thing. i have only had it for a few months so i cant speak to how it will last but so far its been a great pan. Also from my understanding they make a cheaper version of this pan just for Walmart, from what i have read you should avoid that one and either buy from another store or straight from the Ninja website.


            Cooks Illustrated recommends OXO Good Grips Non-Stick Pro 12" Open Frypan. Their testing is quite thorough. This one is oven safe to 430 degrees F but don't heat Teflon over 500 degrees or it starts t do bad things. I bought one in September of 2020 for $50 and have enjoyed using it. Amazon has one listed for a ridiculous price. Walmart has one similar for $48.43 but it has a black handle so it is probably not ovenproof.
            Good luck


              Perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA), also known as C8, is another man-made chemical. It has been used in the process of making Teflon and similar chemicals (known as fluorotelomers), although it is burned off during the process and is not present in significant amounts in the final products.Mar 4, 2020

              https://www.cancer.org › cancerPerfluorooctanoic Acid (PFOA), Teflon,

              Watch Dark Waters movie.
              you will not want Teflon coated anything.


                OXO Good Grips Non-Stick Pro. Use them, try to be a bit nice with them, then replace them as needed. I use the 12 in. model almost daily and it lasts for a good year. For mashing beans, pan frying chicken and other heavy duty stuff it's cast iron. For roasting fish, carbon steel.


                • jfmorris
                  jfmorris commented
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                  I vouch for this pan too - we have the 12" and the 8". The 12" is used about as much as my Lodge 12". The 8" is a great size for omelets and eggs. Ours will be disposable mostly because SWMBO won't be careful about what utensil she picks up and uses in the nonstick pans, and I am tired of starting what ends up being a fight over it.

                I say the OG of non-stick.........A Well seasoned Cast Iron pan!


                  Find your nearest restaurant supply store and buy a cheap commercial grade non stick for around $20. Replace with like every couple of years when it eventually becomes 'stick'


                    I bought this set about 6 years ago and they are both still going strong. I don't baby them (maybe even abuse them?) and user the A LOT! I bought them as eventual throwaways. They were SOOOO with the money. The only drawback is they don't come with lids, but I have life from other pots that fit each of them perfectly.
                    EDIT: another potential drawback is that they aren't induction FRIENDLY. I also meant to include that at the time I bought them, they were the top rated non-stick by America's Test Kitchen.
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