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Griddle tools. Need guidance

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    Griddle tools. Need guidance

    I just got a new Blackstone griddle. You may have seen my post on it from a few days ago. Realized I had no proper tools to cook on it! So I ordered a set off Amazon. Looked good. Priced fair it seemed. Not the cheapest I saw though. Anyway, the kit arrived today and is a complete joke. So I’m coming to my fellow pitmasters for guidance. Please help me get what I need. Price is not a major factor. Thanks in advance.

    I shopped for each separately and repurposed some items from Home Depot to make my set. One is a wide metal paint scraper for scraping and sometimes moving food around. Got this spatula from Amazon and it works well for me.

    I also have a metal dome I use over some foods and eggs. My squirt bottles for oil and water I found at a local kitchen store.


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      +1 on scraper. I use 2, one for cleaning (stiff) and the other for flipping (flexible). I use a trowel for smashing my patties. Modified a shallow circular pan by adding a wooden drawer handle on the outside.

    These are the ones I use most...

    I actually have a few more, but these are the "must haves" IMO.

    The Hell’s Handles from Mercer are also worth a look... But the blue stands out from the few wood handled items I still have and, as a bonus, I know they’re MINE. ;-) Handy when cooking somewhere other than my backyard.

    I gave away the rest of my wood handled stuff.


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      Awesome. Thanks for the tip

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      Just noticed that one of the links states that it’s not available.
      It is.
      Might just need to change the search info. I went the the Dexter website to get the model numbers when I got mine.
      They can be ordered directly but it’s not nearly as fast as Prime. ;-)

    Here's a basic set Jfrosty27 that's actually pretty decent for the cost. https://www.campchef.com/flat-top-gr...-tool-kit.html


      I've been using this set for a while. It is pretty good.


      I have these little domes.


      And a pair of 12" domes I bought locally. I use those more. My EVO Grill also has a giant dome of course.

      I also have something similar to this (just 1) and I paid considerably more. Hopefully, the quality of mine is better.


      Don't forget about the squirt bottles.



        This is my favorite.

        MANNKITCHEN Professional GradeStainless Steel Spatula Perfect for Cast Iron Skillets and Flat Top Grills https://www.amazon.com/dp/B078WKC8B4..._8NArFbXMJ30ZS

        thick enough to pry with. I actually sharpened the front edge...


          I bought a set on Amazon from Grillers Choice and they are great. The best part about them is the small spatula, as it is just slightly smaller than the grease opening in the back. I can scrape to the back, then scrape the spatula inside the opening to remove any built up crud. Other than that, what was mentioned above and buy stock in a paper towel company☺


            I picked mine up at Wally World where I got my Blackstone. It was something like this:


            Then I supplemented it with this:



              Don't forget this place


              • Jfrosty27
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              This is my standard "goin' out to the GriddleBot" load out:

              Click image for larger version

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              The spatulas are some Amazon house brand, they're... fine they work and the pair were $20 or so. Bench scraper, this is just one I had in the back of the drawer; it's getting replaced by a 6" stainless drywall taping knife if I ever remember to think about it when I'm at the hardware store. Grill press, get whatever as long as it's heavy and big enough. Melting domes, I got a couple of Nordic Ware from Amazon for something like $6.75 a pop, they're bombproof. Squeeze bottles; I like 16 oz. bottles for oil and water, if you're like me you already have a surprising number of these. 1/2 and 1/4 sheet pans; so useful for carrying stuff and plenty of other things.

              Of course if you want The Professionals Choice for grill spatulas: Dexter

              Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_5227.JPG
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              About $30 from Amazon last I checked, likely cheaper from a restaurant supply store. Pretty much bulletproof. The only reason that one isn't my weapon of choice is that it's 34 years old and has lost so much metal off the front that it won't sit flat on the griddle anymore.


                Hell's Handles is all I use. They are fantastic.
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                  Thanks for all the help folks! I have it handled I think at this point. I ordered a set by Blackstone that was recommended in a post above. Fingers crossed.


                    Having gotten into griddle cooking this summer, I'll comment on what I have, and what I use.

                    1. Blackstone Commercial Grade 5-Piece Griddle Cooking Toolkit


                    This set pretty much has what you need - two spatulas of the same size, two squirt bottles, 1 for water, 1 for oil, and a scraper. I bought the set back when I was doing gridding using my grill grates on the gas grill.

                    2. Camp Chef 6 Piece Professional Griddle Tool Set


                    The thing that I like about this set is that the smaller spatula has very sharp scraper side edges, and I find myself using it more than any of the other scrapers for cleaning the griddle, and also for getting under and flipping smash burgers. Camp Chef sells just the spatulas too, without the other stuff.

                    3. Round Basting/Melting Dome

                    I went cheap here - and this works well for steaming veggies, or for speeding up melting cheese.

                    4. Square Basting/Melting Dome

                    I just thought the square shape might be easier to fit over maybe 4 burgers at once. The picture on Amazon is wonky, as they ship with the handles mounted to the inside of the dome, and you gotta just unscrew it and put it on the outside. It takes less space for shipping that way.

                    5. Grill Presses

                    I have one of these - good for smashing burgers, holding a thin steak or some bacon flat to the griddle:

                    My son in law got me this one a few years ago - its not flat on the bottom, so not good for smashing a burger, but a good press for steaks or bacon:


                    If you just wanted one set, I would go for the Blackstone that you ordered, as it is good to have to equal size spatulas when you get into stir fry action, and these are a good size for most uses. The other stuff you can build into when you get a bigger griddle. I've used the melting domes more than the presses.

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