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Looking at slowly adding some better cookware

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    For stockpots I use stuff from restaurant supply stores. They are cheaper than brand name stainless and just as good since you are basically just boiling water. Be sure whatever you get is non-reactive.

    For skillets All Clad Stainless. 12 and 10 inch. We have a 13 inch with lid that we use constantly for stir fry, taco meat, etc. Great for simmering with the lid. Could go with carbon steel as well but more maintenance.

    12 and 10 inch nonstick (I agree with the inexpensive not cheap suggestion.

    12 and 10 Cast Iron

    Good Cast Iron Dutch Oven


      I replaced my pot and pans a few years back with SS. Had the anodized Calphalon stuff for about 15 years and it was still in great shape. Took that to the lake house and got the Calphalon SS stuff that is great. But, I hardly use it now that I have a set of CI (two 12”, one 8” and one 6”) that is use instead. But, my wife uses the nonstick crap pan still.....she’s afraid to use the good stuff!

      Kenji Has a nice section in his Food Lab book that lists what he feels is good to have in the kitchen Arsenal. I have found many of the items on amazon for a good price.

      It’s fun to shop for new gear!


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        Oh, I forgot, I have a 17” CI as well. I’ve used a few time to roast chicken and veg and it worked grat, but not necessarily needed.

        But a Lodge DO is....like others have said, great for braising, frying, sauces, etc. it’s a do all type vessel. I’d really like a LE Crueset, but....$$$$ 😂the Lodge does great!

      We have some "Emeril" stainless steel proclad that are greater than 15 years old. They are very heavy duty, sturdy, nice long ergonomic handles - very nice.

      Emeril by All-Clad E914SC64 PRO-CLAD Stainless Steel Cookware Review - 12-piece set, bonded tri-ply stainless/aluminum/stainless cookware, suitable for gas/electric/ceramic glass/induction stovetops.

      Stainless steel is durable, shiny and versatile cookware for every kitchen. Here are reviews of the most popular stainless steel cookware sets from low price to professional high-end.

      Ours have handles that look like the one in this Ebay link...beware any that look different - maybe not same quality... https://www.ebay.com/itm/Emeril-8-in....c100625.m3682


        I can’t recommend straight cast iron enough. Get a 12 inch skillet and a 5-7 quart Dutch oven, and they will last forever. I’ve had a Lodge 12” skillet for many years, think I got it on a whim somewhere, and used it mostly for steaks until recently, and now use it for a lot more. The DO is new but I expect it to be used a lot.

        I have fairly cheap stainless stock pots in 2 and 5 gallon sizes, and they’ve held up well both indoors and out, and while they have a few dings, don’t see them not outlasting me either.


          We have a lot of different pots and pans and have given many more away. Now we have settled down to the following: 4 different sized cast iron skillets, 2 steel saute pans, 3 different sized cast iron pots with lids (that also fit our skillets), 2 non-stick saute pans (just for eggs), 2 cast iron cornbread pans, and a nested set of 3 enameled cast iron pots with lids (for tomato based sauces). Plus various sizes of baking dishes. All of these will work with any kind of heat source, including our 2 induction hot plates. With proper care all but the non-stick will out last us. There is pretty much nothing we can't cook with this set up, and it ddidn't cost an arm and a leg. The money you save could then be used on more and better ingredients.


            Originally posted by Richard Chrz View Post
            My kitchen much like the knives I had is full of cheap t-fal style pans. I am guessing much like the knives, there are some particular pans you should have. I m assuminga good stock pot with strainer, a saucepan, and a sauté pan. What do you look for when equipping your kitchen with cookware
            Williams Sonoma is having an Al_Clad sale

            Enter code FT6J-S6VZ-HQDQ for free shipping and an extra 20% off



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