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What gloves do you use

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    Here are the gloves I really like. I need the XXL that these come in. I can lift any meat or vegetable off as well as the grill grate. Have never tried a coal, use my tongs for those. Easy to clean, just take them on my hands and wash with Dawn and running hot water. https://www.amazon.com/Versatile-Res...EC4SC5QYY1AD4J


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      Nice. I've got a set of all silicone mitts (no fingers) that I love for the same reasons, and haven't found again in years.

    I like to use a thin cotton glove and then put these Venom Steel gloves over them. (As Lonnie Mac mentions above, I learned this from Malcom Reed's Channel)

    The Venom Steel gloves are thick and they do not tear easily like many others do. And they are black so none of the sauce or rub shows up when you are serving the food, so they look a lot better in front of guests. (Sorry, the blue nitrile gloves gross me out when they are covered in sauce and rub.) These are, by far, the best Nitrile gloves I have found on the market.

    With this set up, I can pull pork, slice brisket and remove stuff from the smoker with ease. A huge plus is you don't loose dexterity like you do with the silicone or Pitt Mitt style gloves. They are also great for moving probes around and they slide right off when you are done. You can also use them for cleaning, working on your car etc.


      I use black nitriles over cotton liners for food handling and some light hot stuff. Also have the G&Fs, but I like my cheap Lincoln Electric welding gloves better. $10 at Home Depot.


        For "wet" stuff...like pulling a turkey or brisket, I use these.

        For "dry" stuff, like CI and grates and such, I use these.


          There was another topic about gloves recently. Here's what I posted on that topic:

          I swear by these gloves. Use them all the time when cleaning my WSCGC 24" grate on my Summit gasser. I have to flip the grate to scrub the underside and at 600-700 degrees, it's really hot. Never a problem.

          These gloves are rated to 900°F direct contact and 1200°F otherwise: Protects in any temperature

          Avoid worker injury by providing these heat resistant, wool lined, Kevlar® backed gloves for working around high temperatures.
          • Aluminized backing, over blended Kevlar® and para aramid blend fabric palm, reflects 90% of radiant heat away from back of hand for optimum protection
          • Rugged 14" glove, with 11 oz. wool lining, provides radiant heat and abrasion resistance
          • Protects in any temperature up to 1200°F radiant heat and 900°F short contact heat
          • Clean easily with warm mild soap and water

          Click image for larger version  Name:	229073.jpg Views:	1 Size:	122.0 KB ID:	555434


          I also use this kevlar sleeve to protect my braceleted arms. I usually use them with my Grill Beast or Pit Mitt gloves but they're good with the big kevlar gloves as well.

          Click image for larger version  Name:	229068.jpg Views:	1 Size:	21.5 KB ID:	555435

          They come in 10" to 18" lengths. https://www.northernsafety.com/Search?q=kevlar+sleeve



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            Hey doc I didn’t know you were sporting sleaved tattoo arms?

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            HouseHomey ,


          For handling meat,

          Click image for larger version  Name:	81l54otCesL._SL1500_.jpg Views:	1 Size:	298.8 KB ID:	665326

          I use those garden gloves that have extra coating on the fingers and palms under my nitrile gloves too. Works great to prevent burned fingertips. I use the extra large black nitrile gloves so they slip on easily over the garden gloves.

          I buy the black nitrile gloves from Malcolm Reed's site.
          Click image for larger version  Name:	BlkG1_1024x1024.jpg?v=1459458675.jpg Views:	1 Size:	111.1 KB ID:	665328

          That combo works great for removing hot meat from the smoker and for pulling beef, chicken or pork.




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